Podcast: Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 17: Cardboard, etc.

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In this week's Jordan Jesse GO!, we go deep into the mind of two of America's favorite podcasters.

Jesse and Jordan are in a shopping mall in Prague. They discuss pickup trucks which are full of flattened cardboard boxes. How can that possibly be worth it? Seriously, if you know, tell us. Or just make something up.
Movies Part 1
Jesse and Jordan discuss I Think I Love My Wife, which Jesse really liked. Orlando Jones is great in it, by the way.

Movies Part 2
Jordan discusses seeing Grindhouse, being mocked by Kurt Russel, and more.

Things Jordan Got Wrong

Jordan is corrected (as usual).

Project Breakout

We are sponsored by Project Breakout, and we discuss the videos, which range from the very funny to the bizarre and kind of awful.

Debut Contest

We announce the winners of our Debut Contest, which asked listeners to tell us stories about debuts. We also got a fully-produced story from Dan, which you can download from this link.


We have a new favorite caller. Her name is Ashley, she is 17 and from Texas. She seems like a really nice young lady, and we want to help her be a better person. Frankly, we're a little worried that we're bad influences. What can we do?

* What's the deal with cardboard trucks?
* What can we do to help Ashley?
* The High Five Contest ends March 31st!


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A good Kurt Russell movie? Sky High. It seems like it would be kind of bad, but it was definitely sincere and really fun to watch.