Ep. 34. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Six


Can our heroes achieve a competent victory against three relatively unkillable foes? More importantly: Can they do any sick stunts while doing so? Taako conjures up the ultimate terror. Magnus has a public service announcement. Merle faces a crystal conundrum.


Taako's quest

I feel like you guys have forgotten about Taako's grand quest to create a taco. I haven't heard anything about it in such a long time.

Best DND Podcast

Best dungeons and dragons podcast on then net!. I really appreciate all the effort put in to make this show more unique, funny and immersive compared to many other dnd podcast. I put this on often when I art. Keep up the great work!


I just finished marathoning this series, so I can't remember which episode Cheerwine was mentioned in, but if Griffin's still looking for it, I usually see glass bottles of the stuff at Cost Plus World Market. I live in the Chicago suburbs, but they have stores in Austin, too.

Adventure Time Email

Sorry, but I would really like to submit some items for Fantasy Costco, but can never seem to catch the email address when they say it. Can anyone provide the address or a like to where it can be found?

Jim Sterling of the

Jim Sterling of the Jimquisition said in his latest podcast (1:01:10) he'd love to do something with you guys. I know he roleplays too. You should have him cameo as a villain or demon-possessed sword or something. His over-the-top villainy is unsurpassed.


I think he's more appropriate as a White Knight wanting m'lady's favor.

I have to hand it to you guys.

It's not an Actual Play podcast until one of the characters loses a hand.

That was epic

Can't believe that actually happened. I wonder if Griffin predicted this outcome when he wrote that voice in Merle's head.

I was laughing so hard when all the robot did was give Merle something to bite on.