Ep. 33. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Five


Our heroes face a series of challenges while exploring Lucas' lab that are, admittedly, all pretty adorable. But still super deadly! Just, like, huggably deadly. Merle performs a random act of kindness. Taako remembers an acrobatic nursery rhyme. Magnus experiences the magic of flight.



How did the snow become crystallized? Wouldn't it need to touch some part of the lab that is already crystal? So it's not like it turned to crystal, then landed on BOY LAND, because it would stick and crystallize to any tourmaline it touched.

So poor BOY LAND would have had to touch his face to some kinda crystal, and that don't seem like the dwarf I knew.

Scientists revive tardigrades frozen for more than 30 years

I've never heard of these before the last Adventure Zone podcast, and look what article I came across today:

Scientists revive tardigrades frozen for more than 30 years

It's already been established that they can survive deep in the ocean and in outer space. And according to new research from Japan, tardigrades — also known as water bears — can even survive being frozen solid for decades on end.


I'm worried for the Adventurers now....


Randy Johnson!

Throwing people off cliffs is what they do?
Randy Johnson was a bugbear!

About time! I just refreshed

About time! I just refreshed the page :)