Ep. 31. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Three


Having survived an encounter with their deadliest foe yet, our heroes take a moment to reflect on some of Faerun's most prodigious scientific achievements. Later, the trio is forced into a deadly test of intellect, and you can probably guess how well that goes. Merle does some pest control. Magnus makes a token of friendship. Taako enjoys some "Taako time."


Someone hold me

Love Fantasy Justin, but damn, that editing for Hodgepodge's voice. Reminded me a little of Claptrap from Borderlands. That menacing voice gave me chills at the end, can't wait for the next episode!

griffin, you silly

This Hodgepodge encounter is just the Mettaton quiz from Undertale, isn't it?

I am literally setting aside

I am literally setting aside my lunch for this, and that comment made this episode 10 times better.