Comedy: Ragtag and Jordan Ranks America on The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

First, "Ragtag", a sketch from LA-based comedy group Cream. You can check out their videos on YouTube or Funny Or Die. Then, catch a monthly wrap-up of what's up and what's down with Jordan Morris for "Jordan Ranks America".

Click here for a transcript of this month's power ranking by Jordan Morris.

5. Debuting at number 5 this month it’s Saxby Chambliss. The senator from Georgia might rub some the wrong way with his ultra-conservative views, but you’ve gotta love that kooky name.

4. Holding strong at number four it’s: those sushi places where the food comes around on a little conveyor belt. You mean to tell me that at this sushi place the food comes around on a little conveyor belt? Now I’ve seen everything!

3. Safely perched at number three, showing no signs of budging, it’s: triple blade razors. They’ve got more beard busting power than double bladers, and less look at me I’m so great attitude than quad blade razors. As Goldilocks would say, these little shavers are just right!

2. And out of nowhere number two debuted this month from scented candles. Planning a romantic evening in? Not only will scented candles create an erotic lighting scheme, but the fragrance of fresh linen or potpourri will mask the farts you’ve been blasting all night.

1.Finally, taking the top spot for the first time since 1994, it’s Highlights Magazine! The back of this beloved children’s periodical asks the question, “What’s wrong with this picture?” The only thing wrong I can see is that I have to wait a whole month for the next amazing issue!