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#183 - Best Conspiracy Theory with Adam Busch

Adam Busch

The truth is out there. The moon landing was faked. The Illuminati is real. For as long as we've been able to reason, humankind has spread elaborate conspiracy theories, and in this episode, we help our guest Adam Busch pick the best one.

Still Buffering: How to Long Distance Relationships

Still Buffering

You have all watched (well, listened to) our littlest Smirl go through some pretty big changes recently, and now she's going through another. Long distance relationships are a part of a lot of people's college experiences, and now Rileigh's too. Come join our oldest sisters in helping her through this transition and give her some goofs too!

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Music: "Baby You Change Your Mind" by Nouvellas

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 546: The Pegging Place with John August and Craig Mazin

John August
Craig Mazin

Esteemed screenwriters and podcasters John August and Craig Mazin join Jordan and Jesse for a deep dive on the nuances of eating pancakes, a dissection of John's recent experience taking his daughter to see Panic! At The Disco for her first concert, and the revelation that Craig has worked with the monkey from Friends and she gets paid in yogurt. Plus, we take a few calls from couples celebrating the most wonderful time of the year -- Anal August!

The Greatest Discovery Ep 26: J.K. Woodward


When Adam and Ben return from Risa Vegas they're filled to the brim with Trek topics. But when comic book artist J.K. Woodward shows up to the studio it's time to perform a post-mortem on Star Trek Vegas and move on to the art of J.L.'s Pipes.

What's next for Trek? Does J.K. know more about Discovery than he lets on? Is there such a thing as a bad panel?

It's the episode that comes home from vacation, but is still operating on island time.

CIPYD 157: Tugboat's Ready for his Closeup


Welcome welcome welcome!

Start calling your agents and alerting the press because Tugboat is about to be the King of Hollwood! Hear all about Tug's upcoming rise to fame in Tugboat Tribune. This week Allegra has some CAT news, which may be breaking the laws of this podcast! We also have a great My Mutt Minute and some amazing Dog Tech that's saving lives!

Don't wait! Call a Corgi and tune in!

Everything's Coming Up Simpsons Ep. 152: Black Widower w/ Diana Wright

Diana Wright

Welcome to the show this week Diana Wright! If you have ever played "The Simpsons: Tapped Out" mobile game then you might have seen her work! She'll give us the scoop on how she became a writer for the game, and a behind the scenes look at some of the episodes she has written for the app. We've got a classic Sideshow Bob episode to discuss, too. Allie and Julia will break down one of Diana's favs – "Black Widower." We'll learn the value of watching The Simpsons together as a family. Plus, Diana discusses her love of "The Simpsons Sing The Blues" – an album she says no one should listen to more than once. And, oh boy – did she listen to it a ton as a kid. Don't miss this episode!

Bullseye With Jesse Thorn: Guy Branum

Guy Branum
Emily Lordi

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Photo:Jesse Thorn

Guy Branum On His New TV Show and The Importance of Being Charming

Guy Branum is a comedian, writer, actor, podcaster, and host of his own TV show: Talk Show The Game Show. He recently published a book out in stores now. It's called "My Life as a Goddess: A Memoir through (Un)Popular Culture," so we're re-playing our conversation with him from last year.

Before his career in media, Guy had his sights set on being a lawyer, completing a law degree and passing the bar exam before leaving that life behind. He realized he had an overwhelming passion for pop culture, and he began his career in stand-up. Eventually, he landed a writing and commentator position on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, and was a writer on The Mindy Project. He is the host of Bullseye's sister show and Maximum Fun's own Pop Rocket podcast.

In this extended interview, Guy tells Jesse about his show and some of the challenges that came with creating it. He shares what it was like growing up gay in a farming town outside of Sacramento, his journey of coming out to his family and friends, and why he uses the word "charming" so often.

You can watch Guy's show every Thursday at 11/10c on truTV.

Click here to listen to Guy Branum's interview on YouTube.

Photo: Spotify

Cannonball: Donny Hathaway's Live

Academic and writer Emily Lordi makes the case for why Donny Hathaway's live album deserves to be added to the canon of classic music. She tells us why this 1972 record, largely made up of covers of other people's songs, is so essential to understanding the black artistic experience at the time.

If you want to know more about this album, Emily's 33 ⅓ book on the album is out now.

Click here to listen to Cannonball: Donny Hathaway's Live on YouTube.

The Outshot: It's Not Crazy, It's Sports

Photo: ESPN

Jesse tells us why there is no better person to capture the crazy things athletes and fans do than the documentarian Errol Morris.

Click here to listen to The Outshot on YouTube.

Stop Podcasting Yourself 545 - Kritty Uranowski

Kritty Uranowski

Musician Kritty Uranowski joins us to talk John Travolta, uninvited conversations, and Tom Cruise.

Download episode 545 here. (right-click)

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MBMBaM 422: The Very Best Stains


We have become a hundred and fifty years old since the last time you heard from us! We're certain that, as goes our youthful vitality, so goes a significant portion of our audience. That is fine, because we're just bones now.

Suggested talking points: Skeleton Grandpa, Celebrity Misidentification, TCBYBC, Sleepy Skateboard Tricks, Bacon Testing, The Forbidden Jones Soda

Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone Ep 7: The Pipes

EdD Herrera
Aaron Shaw

A genuine 3rd grade teacher tells us how to get the most out a parent/teacher conference, and we learn why those conferences sometimes make you cry more than getting your genitals pierced. No, really: EdDHerrera of Prix Body Piercing walks us through the ins and outs of ins and outs that many people would rather not think about. Also, DJ Poundstone takes requests - answering questions from some of our listeners and playing the latest hits from our Theme Song Contest.

House Band
Aaron Shaw, bagpipes


A genuine 3rd Grade Teacher

EdD Herrera
Piercer, Prix Body Piercing, Pasadena

Aaron Shaw
Facebook: @AaronShaw921

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