Wham Bam Pow Ep. 110 - American Ultra

Wham Bam Pow

This week, the gang is back together to talk about the Kristen Stewart/Connie Britton/Jesse Eisenberg action flick, American Ultra! Plus, we compare streaming original series, Cameron sings an ode to baseball, and we make some exciting announcements.

We'll be back in October with a new episode! Be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter accounts for the movie announcement! Thank you so much to everyone who has listened to and supported Wham Bam Pow -- we are excited to move to this new format to keep bringing you awesome, consistent episodes.

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For Ricky, RE: "Narcos"

I would love to hear more of Ricky's opinion on "Narcos" and Colombians in (US) media in general.

Although I'm not Colombian, I grew up in Bogota and consider Colombia kind of my "heart home." When I tell people my background, 9 times of out 10 their first response is a cocaine or Pablo Escobar joke. So when I heard about "Narcos" my stomach turned. It seems like they're trying to make "Narcos" into a fun 70s romanticized gangster tale a la "Boardwalk Empire" while ignoring that Escobar's violent legacy still affects people.

I'm confused about whether I'm offended by "Narcos" because it is actually lacking in complexity and empathy, or if it just hits too close to home for me. And if I choose boycott a show like "Narcos," am I then a hypocrite for watching other shows depicting violence based on real events? How soon is too soon?

- Elizabeth in Ohio

Why once a month?

Is it just me, or does the mood in this episode seem dour? I think it has something to do with Cameron's "big announcement" being framed as if going down to once a month as being a good thing. Rhea and Ricky sound understandably bummed.

I'm just speculating here, but it seems like Cameron can't understand that the show can go on without her - as Rhea and Ricky (and guest) have done a string of great episodes while Cameron was away - and instead choose to dial the show way back to accommodate her absences.

I know this is a free podcast and all involved make this show happen because they love it. But this once a month stuff really sucks. Maybe all three hosts are indeed busier now and this has to be done.I dunno. But listening to Rhea and Ricky's reactions in this episode make it sound like the only one this big news sounds good to is Cameron.

I agree with you

I came here to say exactly this. It felt like Cameron was shrinking the show for her own reasons. I'm perfectly happy if Cameron never comes back to the show. She takes up all the oxygen in the room when she's there. I was enjoying the Ricky and Rhea show just fine. Please continue.

Very sad at the hate for

Very sad at the hate for Grosse Point Blank. Boo! I'm with Rhea. Funny movie with some great people. Also, I understand why, but your big announcement made me slightly depressed. But I forgive because everything else was to notch.