#24 - Soda, Pop, Or Coke?

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Based on Courtney Kelly's suggestion, Mark & Hal step into the middle of the Great Cola Turf War to sift through all the rhetoric and determine once and for all what we should call our carbonated drinks!

Topics include:

- The South

- Onomatopoeia

- The Smithsonian & America's Funniest Home Videos


POP vs SODA - A Missourian's perspective

Pop Vs Soda.

Kansas City & the near surrounding areas of Missouri call it Pop.

Grew up near KC and called it POP until I got to college at the University of MO -right smack in the middle of the state - and it is mostly called SODA there. Ever since college & living in central MO, I've called it SODA.

St. Louis area definitely calls it SODA.