TRANSCRIPT Wonderful! 137: The Scent of Jazzman Bruno

Griffin’s favorite adult snack! Rachel’s favorite endorsed smells! Griffin’s favorite sketch comedy! Rachel’s favorite relevant tune!

Music: “Money Won’t Pay” by bo en and Augustus –

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Podcast: Wonderful!

Episode number: 137

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Wonderful! is a podcast for joyful and enthusiastic people that like hearing about the passions, big and small, of other people. Each week Rachel and Griffin McElroy will talk about things they love and invite listeners to write in with their treasured items of enthusiasm. Topics may include movies, television, sports, books, drinks, eats, animals, methods of transportation, cooking implements, types of clothing, places in the world, imaginary places, fictional characters, and fonts, to name a few.

Submit the things that you think are wonderful at the link Rachel posts in their Facebook group and follow @wonderfulpod on Twitter.

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