TRANSCRIPT Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Ep. 399: Ross, Carrie and Psychics Predict 2024: Cancer Cures and Election Edition

Ross and Carrie catalog 77 predictions from Teal Swan, Kathryn Krick, Lori Spagna, et al. Plus, Ross and Carrie bet that people they admire will die, Ross is worried about the remaining Friends cast members, and Carrie will not give up on Dick van Dyke.

Podcast: Oh No, Ross and Carrie!

Episode number: 399



Music: “Oh No, Ross and Carrie! Theme Song” by Brian Keith Dalton. A jaunty, upbeat instrumental.

Carrie Poppy: Hello, welcome to Oh No, Ross and Carrie!, the show where we don’t just report on fringe science, spirituality, claims of the paranormal. No way! We take part ourselves.

Ross Blocher: Yup, when they make the claims, we show up, so you don’t have to. I’m Ross Blocher.

Carrie Poppy: I’m Carrie Poppy. And it’s 2024, baby!

Ross Blocher: Happy 2024! A new year!

Carrie Poppy: This is going to be a good one.

Ross Blocher: A good year?

(Carrie confirms.)

Okay. And a good episode?

Carrie Poppy: Yes! Always. But 2024, happy, friendly number, right? 2 plus 0 plus 2 is 4. I’m loving it! Love it.

Ross Blocher: We like it. Even numbers.

Carrie Poppy: Even numbers, happy looking.

Ross Blocher: That’s all you need to know. We’re going to talk about many aspects of the coming year, but it’s an election year in the United States. So, already that’s looming over my vision of this coming year.

Carrie Poppy: Ah, I remember this.

Ross Blocher: I’m already obsessed with news coverage on like Trump’s criminal offenses and trials, and so it’s just going to be more of that. The whole year of it.

Carrie Poppy: See, Drew fulfills this role in our household of following the news now, because of the other stuff I’m doing. And so, I don’t know anything that’s happening, and you and he are my source of Trump news. You are half of my news source.

(Ross “wow”s.)

Yeah, yeah, for real.

Ross Blocher: Well, hey, I don’t tell you everything, so.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Yeah, well, Drew fills me in on stuff. Every once in a while, I say to one of you like, “Hey, what’s up with Donald Trump?” And then you’re both very good at just summarizing it in like, you know, three minutes. And then I’m like, cool, that’s what’s up with Donald Trump. He still sucks.

Ross Blocher: Only took 12 hours of obsessive YouTube clip watching.

(Carrie thanks him with a laugh.)


Carrie Poppy: See? Specializing.

Ross Blocher: Sounds like bliss. (Laughs.) Well, before we move on to 2024, there’s one additional 2023 prediction we want to cover. We had a listener who had written in and had a system involving dice and some kind of like word bank that they were using. This is Rue. And we shared their predictions last year. Hadn’t covered them in our previous episode. So, let’s do that.

Carrie Poppy: If I remember correctly, Rue had a very interesting take. It was sort of like I don’t claim to be psychic, but I do claim to just be a really good guesser.

Ross Blocher: I think it was the dice system. “I feel like I’m getting something useful from it. Hey, let’s try it out.” And yeah, it was like—

Carrie Poppy: Okay. “I’m open to being disconfirmed.” Love it.

Ross Blocher: Right. It was, I think, a really good attitude. And we haven’t heard back yet from Rue, but we will share how we felt the predictions went. So, I gave these predictions scores based on the same system we used last time. So, let me know, Carrie, if you disagree with any of these analyses.

(She agrees.)

The first prediction was that Donald Trump would be indicted in 2023, and Rue was getting something about vaccines related to that. So, I gave it a one, because definitely correct about the indictments. There were 4 indictments, 91 criminal offenses. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s just the low hanging fruit. There are so many more criminal offenses that could have been added to that.

Carrie Poppy: That’s so crazy. Four times.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. First US president. So, you know, a significant prediction, because it’s the first time a former US president has been indicted. But nothing to do with vaccines. So, I gave this a one. The indictments were related to the attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. That was a federal crime. Election interferences in Georgia, state. Falsifying business records in New York, also state. And the mishandling of classified documents, federal. Okay, prediction two, “Donald Trump will be convicted of a crime outside of the USA in 2023. Something to do with fire or burning.”

Carrie Poppy: Don’t remember that.

Ross Blocher: Interesting, but—

Carrie Poppy: Never came up in my Trump reports.

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) I gave it a zero.

Carrie Poppy: You may hear on the audio my cats fighting. This’ll come up with a psychic later.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. Though this is progress, ‘cause now they are living in the same space together.

Carrie Poppy: They are, they are. And by fighting, I just mean one running after the other, but it’ll come up.

Ross Blocher: Number three, “Donald Trump will not serve a prison sentence in 2023.” I gave it a two.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You know, it’s not a wild swing, but it’s correct.

Ross Blocher: It is correct. Yeah. I said, “Odds probably better than a coin flip.” But still it was unknown. So, solid hit. Number four, “Biden will decide to run for reelection. I got the word purity twice here, but don’t know what that means.” I give this a one. Again, kind of better than coin flip odds. But he could have decided to bow out. He’d suggested that before. So, that part’s correct. I tried searching for anything to do like with his messaging and the word purity, pure. Yeah, it just didn’t seem like a significant match.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, not me of anything from this year.

Ross Blocher: That gets a one. Number five, “Biden will have a health incident involving a mark to the flesh of his ear. This will not be officially publicized, but the public will suspect it.” So, when this prediction came in, I already recognized kind of the conversation it might be attached to.


Because there were a lot of articles, videos early on about Biden. And the extreme version of this was there’s a totally different person pretending to be Biden; they’ve swapped him out for someone else.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, one of these like face swap kind of things.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. And there would be videos on Twitter or wherever saying, “This isn’t the same guy! And these were filmed a few hours apart. Look how different he looks!” And you’d look at that and be like, oh, well, lighting. Do you know about lighting? It changes how people look. But then the less extreme version of it was something’s changed with Biden. And one of the more notable observations was that if you look at one of his ear lobes, I think usually best demonstrated on the right side, he had free-hanging ear lobes before. And then more recently, they’re attached.

So, as a result, there was a lot of scuttlebutt about him having a facelift and that being kind of where the scar was hidden.

Carrie Poppy: Oooh, that’s a thing that happened. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Yep. And I’m pretty sure that’s correct. Pretty sure that he’s had a variety of surgeries over the years to change his appearance. But I found like a Snopes article addressing that in 2020. So, even though there was some coverage of this in 2023 that I found, it wasn’t like a 2023 incident. And I don’t think it blew up to like a large conversation. And I spent way too long reading about Biden’s possible plastic surgery.

(Carrie laughs and thanks him.)

It’s quite clear that both he and Donald Trump have had surgery to address their receding hairlines. And Trump’s probably way more drastic.

Carrie Poppy: Very old people in the public eye. This is more or less what we would expect.

Ross Blocher: Okay. Number six, “The largest earthquake will be in China. Can’t tell which month.” So, this unfortunately got a zero. The largest earthquake in terms of magnitude was in Turkey. That was a 7.8. And China didn’t make the top 15 on that list for the year.

(Carrie “wow”s.)

But if you look in terms of deaths, Turkey still had the most impactful earthquake, and China was 5th on the list with a 5.9 earthquake on December 18th, near the end of the year.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. And yeah, any earthquake in China is going to be especially devastating, because of the population density. Yeah.

Ross Blocher: Lot of people. Exactly. Number 7, “The biggest hit film of 2023 will be sci-fi and/or dystopia. I’m getting the word Golem, so the title may be a synonym for that.”

Carrie Poppy: What does Golem mean?

Ross Blocher: The way it’s spelled there is G O L E M. It’s a Jewish protector. So, it’s within Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism, the idea that you have this clay sculpture that is animated to protect the Jews in times of need. And yeah, I gotta say, I love specific guesses. So, I like that Rue was providing us with, you know, “Hey, this came to me. I don’t know what it means, but here you go.” And if it’s a hit, then it’s going to be a great hit. If it’s not, then we all scratch our heads together. I gave this a zero, because the biggest films of 2023, both domestically and internationally, were Barbie followed by Super Mario Brothers.

(Carrie “wow”s.)

I mean, maybe you could call Barbie dystopian.

(They laugh.)

Carrie Poppy: I mean, I would hate to live in that world.

Ross Blocher: And I don’t see the Golem connection there necessarily.

Carrie Poppy: Well, you said it was what? A doll come to life?

Ross Blocher: Oh! I didn’t say that, but when you rephrase it that way, it almost sounds meaningful.

Carrie Poppy: I saved you. I saved you, Rue. (Laughs.)

Ross Blocher: Yeah. Uuuh, still giving it a zero. If you want to give yourself an extra point on that one—

Carrie Poppy: Sci-fi and/or dystopia. I mean, (laughs) yeah, I feel like if it were just the Golem thing, I’d want to give it to them. But the Gollum was sort of like an embedded second thought and the main prediction is more about sci-fi or dystopia, I think. I think your zero is right.

Ross Blocher: And I mean, sci-fi and dystopia are good swings for a four-quadrant, super successful film. And this just happened to fall in a year between Avatar releases. You know, where that would be a certainty, and I would be less impressed by the prediction anyway.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s just the kind of movie that everybody likes a little.

Ross Blocher: Okay, this one was hard to research. Number eight, “For the name of a breakout musical artist, I’m getting Swamp Release. Again, maybe synonyms, but the order of the words here is important.” So, I went through a list from Billboard

Carrie Poppy: Oh no! I’m looking at this very long list poor Ross had to cobble together. (Laughs.)

Ross Blocher: And Complex Magazine and Rolling Stone and NPR’s All Songs Considered. Like, I found all these long lists of new artists for 2023 to watch.

(Carrie thanks him.)

And I got to say Swamp Release doesn’t sound like an unreasonable name when you’ve got  artists such as MåneSkin or Wet Leg or Blondshell or Molly Tuttle.

Carrie Poppy: Ooh, I like Teezo Touchdown.

Ross Blocher: There were two Babyfaces, BabyFace Mal and another babyface.


GloRilla, Ice Spice, PinkPantheress. I don’t know, you can have some weird words that go together for a name.

Carrie Poppy: I’m looking up Teezo Touchdown. That’s a great name!

Ross Blocher: Yeah? Yeah, I was watching some of the songs like, alright! This is some good music coming out!

Carrie Poppy: Cool. Okay. Okay. I won’t get distracted on that.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, I won’t read this whole long list, but none of them felt particularly tied to Swamp Release.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. (Laughs.) Yeah, Swamp Release. I’m trying to think of what that means to me. Like, gaseous vapors, I guess. Yeah. And Drew didn’t release anything. So.

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) I remember when I did a search for swamp release, something came up, but it was outside the realm of music anyway. So, yeah, I’ll give that one a zero. Nine, “There will be a science news story about medical errors, prescribed medication causing pain and vision loss.” So—

Carrie Poppy: Okay. I feel like you’re almost certainly going to find this, but okay. Pain?

Ross Blocher: Right. Yeah, yeah. It does seem like kind of a safe prediction, but it sounds specific. So, I found new stories about eyedrops—and I actually—I remember hearing about this. Yeah.

Carrie Poppy: I remember this. But OTC, yeah.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, they’re over the counter, not prescription as the prediction stated. Then other stories I found were more positive. I gave it a one. It was kind of a semi-hit.

Carrie Poppy: I think prescribed medication is pretty specific. I’d give this a zero. Yeah.

Ross Blocher: Okay! Well, let’s say you give them a one for Golem.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, okay, okay, it evens out. (Laughs.) Okay. Love it.

Ross Blocher: And I give them one for this, and we end up with the same score. Okay, and then number ten, “There will be a surge of an infection that was not widely known before 2023. It will affect the respiratory system and cause occlusion of blood vessels. I’m getting something about the infection being transmitted by bottles. This will happen around the same time as the release of the previously mentioned hit film.” Which already we didn’t really have as an anchor.

Carrie Poppy: Which is maybe Barbie.

Ross Blocher: But I do appreciate the specificity though. So, I didn’t find any big breakout infections that were previously unknown. I did other searches for reusable bottles and the occlusion of blood vessels. I did find there were a lot of stories about bacterial infections coming from reusable bottles not being cleaned properly. Yeah, I didn’t find any connection of what this could be about. So, giving it a zero. And then there were breakouts here. So, we have 11A, B, and C, and a bonus. So, 11A was that “someone known for physical strength and alcoholism will die in prison.” You know, I looked for some like WWE fighters and other wrestlers who had kind of a reputation for that.

Carrie Poppy: Hmm. Strength and alcoholism.

Ross Blocher: And I looked through a list of—a very inclusive list of celebrities who died in 2023 and did a search for jail or prison.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, so it says, “Someone known for physical strength and alcoholism will die in prison. My celeb knowledge isn’t great, so I don’t know who that would apply to.” And then they ask us, “Can you think of anyone?”

Ross Blocher: Yeah, so I mean, I tried. But I don’t know, I thought of like, Mickey Rourke.

Carrie Poppy: Well, I’m going to send this to professional wrestling fan Drew Spears and see if he knows any wrestlers it applies to.

Ross Blocher: So, yeah, it feels like the kind of thing where there could be a match, but I wasn’t—

Carrie Poppy: Nothing obvious on a quick search. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Mm-hm. You know, Hulk Hogan didn’t die. I don’t know if he wrestled with alcoholism. I know he wrestled with other people.

(They laugh.)

These were the searches I performed, and they didn’t come up with anything. Okay, 11B. “This was an oddly specific pull, and as far as I can tell, he isn’t a major public figure—though he does have a Wikipedia page. It feels a bit weird and mean to announce that this random dude is going to die. I’ll say that an American former soccer player, current soccer coach, will die of a heart condition aged approximately 40. If someone else of that description dies, I promise I won’t claim it.” So, that was interesting, and we were trying to get Rue to at least tell us. Like, who was it? We won’t say it publicly. And we haven’t gotten clarity on that.

Again, I tried searching various things, but either it was someone who died this year—a former soccer player, but they were like 68, and another was in his 20s, sadly. And there was someone who had died at the age of 44, which I thought might be a match. But then it turns out they had died a few years ago. So, I’m giving it a zero for now, unless someone else has a better match. 11C. “Big swing here, but the dice insisted. A former member of the band One Direction will die in 2023.”

Carrie Poppy: It’s so interesting that they found this something they could say but not the last one. Yeah. Since it’s just one guy?

Ross Blocher: Well, I guess it’s just the random dude. Like, if you’re a big enough celebrity, you know, like you can take a death prediction.

(Carrie laughs.)

But we’ve still got everybody. There was a 2024 rumor—like, this is brand new, hot off the press, that Louis Tomlinson had died, but it was a death hoax. Like, it was just passed around online. None of them are dead.

Carrie Poppy: Okay! And finally, the bonus. Now, why are these not just numbers 11, 12, and 13?

Ross Blocher: It’s a good question. I don’t know.


Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay. Okay. And the bonus. “Sometimes when I do a reading, certain words are selected over and over regardless of the question I’m asking. According to probability, there is a 1 in 64 chance of each word being selected. In the past, I’ve been able to connect this to events in the near future. This time, I kept getting tunnel, pain, killing, stillness. I believe this relates to an event in January 2023.”

Ross Blocher: And, oh, I should say real quick—I had given Rue a series of questions, so actually I’m guessing I probably went 1-11. They broke out 11 into multiple options, and then gave me a bonus prediction. So, there we go. That makes more sense.

Okay, but tunnel, pain, killing, stillness. I did search for that with January 2023 and came up with like four tunnel related accidents. So, then I tried it with February and got about three or four tunnel related accidents. I tried it for March, got three or four tunnel related accidents. So, I was all ready to give it a one until I just saw this happens every month. So, I gave it a zero.

Carrie Poppy: Nothing special.

Ross Blocher: So, by either of our scoring, that’s currently a 5 out of 28 points. We will revise if it shoots up significantly, but I said, “It falls short of a 50% plus rating that would raise our flag for like this needs clearer observation or another round of predictions.” But hats off to Rue for sending us that and having the right attitude about it.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah! Totally. What is 5 divided by 28? I gotta know the percent. I gotta know. 17.86%. Pretty good. Pretty good. Not psychic. Not psychic, which we should all accept! (Laughing.) We gotta accept this, guys!

Ross Blocher: Yeah, because—I mean, that is the going standard.

Carrie Poppy: So far! So far. So far, we are all not psychic. Sooo far!

Ross Blocher: We’ll hear you out if you say you are.

Carrie Poppy: We’ll take a spreadsheet. We will look up all of the musicians of the last year. Well, one of us will.

Ross Blocher: By all means, register those predictions with us if you feel very strongly.

Carrie Poppy: You know—and I relate to this, Ross, because I spent a lot of time in the last couple of days going through the 2024 predictions for this world from a bunch of different psychics myself.

Ross Blocher: Okay, what you got?

Carrie Poppy: Shall I tell you?

Ross Blocher: Sure, tell me.

Carrie Poppy: You remember Lori Spagna?

Ross Blocher: Oh, I remember her.

Carrie Poppy: If you want to go back, we’ve talked about her a few times, and I interviewed her once.

Ross Blocher: We’ve met her at the Conscious Life Expo, seen her talks there. And yeah, Carrie interviewed her, and it was very uncomfortable at the end.

Carrie Poppy: What a—what a, uh—what a character! Well, she does a prediction video every single year, and every single year I watch it, and I’m like, “What were the predictions in this?”

Ross Blocher: Oh, one of those.

Carrie Poppy: It’s so hard to tease out.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. Okay. What did you actually say that could be measured or evaluated? Okay.

Carrie Poppy: But here’s what I got.

Ross Blocher: It becomes a language exercise. Yeah. What did you discern?

Carrie Poppy: Okay. So, humanity is in a massive transformational period of time. We’re way beyond ascension, because ascension is just part of the journey. Okay? 2024.

Ross Blocher: Okay. (Laughs.) Alright, yeah. Unevaluable, and I feel like the exact same thing that I’ve been hearing every single year!

Carrie Poppy: And yet, made it on the spreadsheet. That tells you something about this video. Okay, next prediction. “2023 was a 7 year, because 2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 3 is 7. And 7 has themes of peace and war. And we saw a war break out. And this year is an 8. (Laughing.) And that has entirely different themes.”

Ross Blocher: Such as?

Carrie Poppy: (Through laughter.) And then she doesn’t tell us the themes!

Ross Blocher: Lori. Lori, what you doing?

Carrie Poppy: But it won’t be peace and war. So, there will be neither of those things. Okay? No peace, no war.

Ross Blocher: Alright. Okay. Not Tolstoy.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. Next thing I wrote down, I wrote not really a prediction, but she did mention that she sits on panels with disinformants at conferences, which is something that we’ve talked about a lot. Like, whether the people on panels recognize that they disagree and have any sort of animosity.

Ross Blocher: Interesting! Okay.

Carrie Poppy: So, she does. Around 22 minutes into this video, she goes on a rant about skeptics and cynics.

Ross Blocher: The worst.

Carrie Poppy: She says that there’s no open-minded inquiry with those people. It seems like she was talking about her critics who are like in the conspiracy space, so I don’t think she meant us in particular. But then she started telling this story about being on a beach, and there was some stranger there that she starts talking to. And she’s like, “Ugh, everything I was saying, he was acting like it didn’t make any sense! And people like that, you just like—you can’t talk to them, because they’re so close minded! I was trying to tell him 2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 4 equals 8. And 8 has these properties. And he just kept saying, ‘I think that’s just a number.’ And then I would tell him—I would tell him that, you know, my name’s Lori, but my friend’s name is Sandra.”


“And Sandra means this. And that’s why she has that personality. And he would say, ‘I think names are just names!’ Can you believe this guy?”

And I was like when did Ross last go to the beach?

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) I would have said, “I’m sure it’s all true.”

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Touché. Okay. Last thing I managed to get on this chart from Lori Spagna’s 35-minute video was that at the very end of this 35-minute video labeled “Predictions and Sacred Energy”, she says that her actual predictions will be on a call on January 11th.

Ross Blocher: Oh no.

Carrie Poppy: It’s a paid call, and January 11th had already passed by the time she put the video up.

Ross Blocher: So, her prediction was, “There will be a paid call. In the future.”

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Yeah. More or less. Yeah.

Ross Blocher: That one probably came true.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Yeah. So, anyway, that’s what’s up with Lori Spagna.

Ross Blocher: Oh my goodness! 35 minutes of—

Carrie Poppy: Of my life!

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Alright, well I’m glad you watched that, so I didn’t have to.

Carrie Poppy: Then there was Paula Roberts. Did you see this? This was a tarot card reader who ended up on Fox News.

Ross Blocher: YES! Oh my goodness, that was fun.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, tell us, tell us.

Ross Blocher: So, you had the host, Jesse Watters—a ridiculous person in general—on Fox News, and he brought in a psychic. Sure, why not? To pull just one tarot card for Trump in the coming year. And it was just so funny, ‘cause you have the camera on her as she gets the assignment. And you know, she looks like your standard, White woman psychic. Probably in her 70s. Very nice wig she’s got going on here. Lots of necklaces.

Carrie Poppy: Definite Sylvia Browne kind of vibe. Mm-hm.

Ross Blocher: Yes, there you go. Think Sylvia Browne, just a variation on that theme. And then they cut to an overhead shot as she turns over one card that she picks out of the deck. And it’s the death card.

(Carrie laughs.)

It’s this guy in this long, black robe looking solitary and intimidating on a green field. They’re like, “This is Trump. Here’s a man in a black cowl, facing away from you.”

Carrie Poppy: And she has two options now. One is Trump dies, and two is Trump loses the election. And she’s on Fox News, so she can’t say either of those.

Ross Blocher: But there’s always a nice, easy way to spin it. And so, she has some spin.


Jesse Watters: Paula Roberts is the English psychic who is on set to give us a reading right now. I would like, Paula, for you to give me a reading on President Trump.

Paula Roberts: Just the one card?

Jesse: One card.

Paula: One card. Let’s do just one card. We like that one.

Jesse: U-uh-oh.

Paula: Oh, oh, oh! Oh!

(They laugh awkwardly.)

Jesse: What is that?

Paula: I mean, I do recognize that I’m at Fox TV. (Laughing.) I have a sense of loss, a sense of loss. But it’s very specific.

(Jesse sighs.)

No, no, let—let me move on. It’s a sense of loss. It’s as if, um, he may be thinking more about what he’s lost and not still taking full advantage of what he still has.

Jesse: That’s a great interpretation, Paula.

Paula: This is true!

(They laugh.)

It’s true, I don’t make it up!

Carrie Poppy: Really, an incredible move.

Ross Blocher: Hilarious! She played that well. And Trump is a grievance politician. He’s always focused on what he’s lost and who’s wronged him. And why he’s not responsible for it.

Carrie Poppy: That’s true. That’s true. Yeah, I guess now—yeah, you know what? So, I wrote it down in the spreadsheet as “pulled the loss card for Trump before explaining it away on Fox News”, but I’m gonna write how she interpreted it, because now if he loses, she cannot claim it.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, though—as we know—of course, if he loses, she will easily take credit for that.

Carrie Poppy: Of cooourse! But because she was clearly steering to this interpretation, and explicitly so, I’m gonna accept that interpretation.

Ross Blocher: Okay, then—just the fact that they followed up with her drawing just one card for Joe Biden.

Carrie Poppy: Oh yeah, good point! I gotta put that on there.

Ross Blocher: And that it was next to the cowled man facing away from us, looking gaunt and deathly. Then you had this card of this richly dressed man, and he’s just surrounded by gold.


Jesse: Let’s see President Joe Biden. What will his year look like?

Paula: Let’s look at Joe Biden. Lots and lots and lots and lots of money. Lots of money.

(They laugh.)

Jesse: From China?

Paula: (Laughing.) Oh, you are cheeky!

Ross Blocher: They just released quarterly reports for campaigns, and Biden earned far and away more than Trump and all the other Republicans combined. So far, working out.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, wow! There you go. Well, Joe Biden’s team (mumbling) certainly calls me enough. You’re Joe Biden’s team; you don’t need to call so much.

Ross Blocher: I get lots of texts and emails. But also, from Trump.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Oh, okay. I think—I think Trump finally figured out he wasn’t going to get something by emailing me. Yeah.

Ross Blocher: Oh, okay. He hasn’t given up on me.

Carrie Poppy: Congratulations!

Ross Blocher: Thanks. So, utterly silly. And why would you have this on a news show anyway?

Carrie Poppy: I’m so glad. Had to be live, or it would not have happened.

Ross Blocher: It worked out as pretty entertaining.


Carrie Poppy: Alright. Now, next was British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker, AKA The Prophet of Doom!

Ross Blocher: Ooh! Okay. Prophet of Doom! So, I’m guessing he had some cheery predictions for 2024.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Yeah, that’s how described him. The Prophet of Doom. So, they said that he is a “69-year-old psychic who claims he can see into the future and correctly predict major global events. He claims to have predicted the covid-19 pandemic, Donald Trump becoming president, the death of Queen Elizabeth—all of which came to fruition, as we are all aware!”

Ross Blocher: This is a big thing, because oftentimes when you hear a prediction, you are told what the person previously correctly predicted. It’s like, okay, I need more context. But sure.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Source? Source? Source needed.

Ross Blocher: Let’s just say we’ll accept this for now.

Carrie Poppy: Right. First prediction, “Russia will complete an arms deal with China with regards to the war in Ukraine.”

Ross Blocher: Okay, that’s a measurable…

Carrie Poppy: Yep. They say he has only one positive vision, and that’s that the world will find a cure for cancer within the next 12 months, and it’s going to be tied with artificial intelligence, and it’s going to be early in 2024.

Ross Blocher: Okay. Now, I feel AI will definitely help with these kinds of questions, but just saying cure for cancer—

Carrie Poppy: It’s big.

Ross Blocher: Right. Cancer—there’s hundreds of types of cancer. It’s many different diseases. So, yeah, I’m not sure what to think of that. But hey, I hope he’s right.

Carrie Poppy: I hope he’s right too. “Then there were also many advances in the medical field and care. Advances in Alzheimer’s as well.”

Ross Blocher: Interesting. I feel like I saw the same prediction from someone else. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. “Advances” is so nonspecific, but we’ll work with it. Next, “We’re going to see spyware. A big spyware release will happen. There’s something that’s going to happen that will bring down some banking systems.”

Ross Blocher: I like the idea of a spyware release. Like, “Okay, we’re releasing this, you know—”

Carrie Poppy: Spyware 8.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. SpyNet 2.385. Okay. Well, this seems sufficiently specific, so I like it.

Carrie Poppy: Great. Then he said there will be many natural disasters in 2024 around the world, including an earthquake in America and Italy. Now obviously there’s going to be an earthquake in America, and there’s going to be an earthquake in Italy. So, I assume this means like newsworthy earthquakes.

Ross Blocher: Including an earthquake in America and Italy. So, yeah, I think at least that says that those will be the notable ones that rise above all the others. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yes. Like, I don’t want to have to Google and find like, oh yeah, there was a 3.2 earthquake every day in America.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. So far, I’m pretty pleased with his level of specificity.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Okay, good.

Ross Blocher: And I’m sorry, specifically, how old is he again?

Carrie Poppy: Six—sixty-niiiine!

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Okay! Alright. Yeah.

Carrie Poppy: Let me make sure I didn’t—yeah! 69! Speaking of, one of our listeners sent a patch from the space station from Exhibition 69, and it’s so cool. This is one of my favorite listener gifts of all time. A space station, Expedition 69 patch!

Ross Blocher: It’s very cool.

Carrie Poppy: It’s going on my blazer.

Ross Blocher: We won’t even try to describe it for you, just know that it’s really cool.

Carrie Poppy: It’s really cool. Yeah, it’s the sex number. Okay. Then Craig added that he sees big floods that will engulf London and Europe. It just occurred to me that—

Ross Blocher: London falls within—

Carrie Poppy: Oh, I guess it’s not in Europe!

Ross Blocher: Not on the continent, yeah.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess it’s not in the EU, so okay. “With Germany being particularly affected.” And specifically, he said that “America is going to get quite a big earthquake. It’ll go along the West Coast and as far as Mexico City.” He says, “I don’t see everything collapsing, but I feel there is a big one coming this year.” Yep.

Ross Blocher: Okay. That’s also specific. Alright!

Carrie Poppy: Then he also said, “2024 will see horrific scenes of explosions in the US, France, Canada, and the UK. And Trump will do well in the elections but will not become president.”

Ross Blocher: Interestinggg. Okay. I like your specificity, British psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker. Well done.

Carrie Poppy: Good job, Craig.

Ross Blocher: We’ll find out just how well done a year hence. And of course, we had to check in with Teal Swan. She does her annual predictions. So, we found her 2023 predictions rather lackluster, but what has she got for 2024?

Carrie Poppy: Well, the dominant theme of 2024 is destruction lust.

Ross Blocher: Okay, gotta give it to her for, uh, an interesting theme! Destruction lust!

Carrie Poppy: Big swing.


Carrie Poppy: Yeah! Wow, okay. “And the biggest shadow of 2024 is endurism.”

Ross Blocher: Yeah, she had to define that. She defined it as the flip side of escapism, when you just put up with things rather than trying to improve them.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, huh. Learned helplessness.

Ross Blocher: Oh, yeah.


That’s probably a better way of saying it, because I don’t know if endurism is a thing outside of Teal parlance.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, yeah. I think that’s her little neologism.

Ross Blocher: Okay. No, no, you’re right. It’s just a neologism built by Teal Swan. That’s her terminology.

Carrie Poppy: Did you say you just found an article written by Teal Swan for Huffington Post?!

Ross Blocher: Yes, though, it could have been like an op ed sort of thing.

Carrie Poppy: Still, though. Huffington Post is letting Teal Swan write op eds?!

Ross Blocher: Yeah, are we supposed to ever be impressed with Huffington Post?

Carrie Poppy: But it’s still wild. It’s still wild.

Ross Blocher: No kidding, this is 2016. “Endurism, the flip side of escapism.” Okay, yep, it’s a Teal-ism. (Disappointedly.) Guess that means I have to start using it.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Ross does whatever Teal does.

Ross Blocher: (Sighs.) It’s just a symptom of my endurism. I don’t try to change things; I just put up with them.

Carrie Poppy: “The most important skill of 2024 will be decision making.” Okay. “The most urgent calling of 2024 is to focus on the oceans. The most powerful antidote of 2024 is to highlight the best of humanity and the world. The police force will develop new technology to convince people they’re for them but actually militarize further. They’ll claim to protect us against terrorism, and they’re gonna use AI to predict crime patterns but focus on preventing crime rather than punishing criminals.”

Ross Blocher: Hey, precogs, just like in Minority Report. Yeah, that makes us all nervous.

Carrie Poppy: Could go well, could go badly.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, she actually got very excited by that. She’s like, “Yay!” Preventing crime rather than—

Carrie Poppy: Right, than punishing. Sounds good.

Ross Blocher: Just like with medicine. Like, the more you can do to prevent illness rather than just treat it. Sure. Yay. She had a prediction of a medical breakthrough. That there would be breakthroughs in the human genome and custom medication based on that knowledge. And she also talked about prosthetics with sensation.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, right! Cool. Okay, cool.

Ross Blocher: Again, as we said in our previous episode, Teal probably just reads articles and says, “Oh, that sounds like a cool idea. I’m going to make that one of my predictions.” She had a very specific prediction for shopping experiences. That a lot of stores, to combat online shopping, are going to switch to entirely in-store experiences with some kind of like social or experiential element to them.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. That could be fun! I’m kind of interested in that.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, is there like a kiddie pool or like—I think of like you go to Ikea, and they’ve got the ball pit there for your kids.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay. Oooh, experiential. Oh, I thought it was a social experiment element. And I was like, “Oh, they’re going to experiment on me, and we’re going to see how I react!” Okay.

Ross Blocher: (Chuckles.) No, no. I think like there’s going to be something fun about being there.

Carrie Poppy: Got it. To really like sell the fact that you’re here in person and not virtually.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. Which I think would be cool. Like, I kind of miss the ’80s and ’90s, where going to the mall was the thing you did, and you hung out with other people.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, I hate the mall. But yeah. A lot of people love them.

Ross Blocher: Well, I like that there was an element of, “Oh, I hope I see my friends there and the popular kid or—” You know, whatever.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Too noisy for me. “3D printing in clothing has the potential to solve problems but may create new problems.”

Ross Blocher: Interesting. ‘Cause then you’d have to buy the material that your 3D printer is going to weave into your clothing. I don’t feel that’s ready for 2024. Let’s see what happens.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. “3D printing in clothing has the potential to solve problems.” Alright. Next one. “Factory farming is gonna take a hit in 2024. Many animal rights successes and heartwarming stories!” Great! I don’t know if it’ll be more than every year, but we’ll see. “Then humanity is being called upon to pour our care into the oceans.” She says, “Our future on the earth hangs on the balance of water.”

Ross Blocher: And I was all down for all of that, until—

Carrie Poppy: She says, “Also, water is a keeper of memory and information.”

Ross Blocher: No. No.

Carrie Poppy: “We encrypt the water.” We encrypt ourselves into the water?

Ross Blocher: Yeah, we’ve like—yeah, there was some idea that we had essentially put information into the water with how we’ve used it. Uhhh, no.

Carrie Poppy: I mean, that’s—it’s a deepity. It’s true to the degree that you already know it, listener.

(Ross laughs.)

You know how there’s like our trash in the ocean? Yeah, that’s information! You know? And it’s useless.

Ross Blocher: And water out there was once in us and—yeah.

Carrie Poppy: Right, right. You already knew that! Yeah, you knew that.

Ross Blocher: It’s all a big cycle. So, meaningless in any way that would be meaningful.

Carrie Poppy: Exactly. Okay, and then the last two things from Teal are pieces of advice. Advice one, “Post positive events on social media. People need to be reminded of the positive potential of living life.”

Ross Blocher: Like it.

Carrie Poppy: And advice two, “Ask yourself every day: how can I highlight the best?”

Ross Blocher: Oh, she also told us that decisions will be magnified in 2024. And that decision was a contender for the dominant theme with, you may remember, DESTRUCTION LUST! So.

Carrie Poppy: But she did say decision making is the most important skill. So, there you go.


Ross Blocher: Alright, well, in an election year, decision making definitely on the fore.

Carrie Poppy: Good point, good point. Who should I vote for? I’m just kidding.

Ross Blocher: Oh, we should add this as well. She also had a note about the potential of landslides. And she even had—again, Teal reads articles. She had some various things like, “There needs to be like a certain like leveling hydroplane or—” You know, like she had some terms for like how you could prevent landslides. But she said landslides are going to be big in 2024.

Carrie Poppy: Like, someone on her staff, if you’re listening—before you break off, like can someone look at this woman’s Google history and just find all of it?

(Ross laughs and agrees.)

Just find how she just two days before Googles it all and is like, “Oh, now I have new search terms. I’m going to use these.” Anyway.

Ross Blocher: Because that’s what’s happening.

Carrie Poppy: That’s what’s happening! Most likely happening. Okay, next. Michelle Welch, a psychic who was on an ABC affiliate called KATU2. Let’s see where they are.

Ross Blocher: Cat-too-two!

Carrie Poppy: In Portland, Oregon. Yes. Katoo-two. So, Michelle said that 2024 is going to be a year of prosperity and abundance, I guess, for all of us? For everybody?

Ross Blocher: Yeah, for who? You listening.

Carrie Poppy: I guess everybody. Very important news for me. “The golden bachelors, Jerry and Teresa, will have an imbalance in their relationship around his adventurousness versus her emotional depth. And the strength of their relationship will rise or fall on that.”

Ross Blocher: This is important. So, I’m guessing that show concluded with him being matched up with a person, and they’re talking about their ongoing relationship.

Carrie Poppy: They got married.

(Ross gasps.)

They got married on TV.

Ross Blocher: That’s an ongoing relationship. Okay!

Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. It’s the first—it’s called the Golden Bachelor, because it was the first bachelor over like 40.

Ross Blocher: No time to waste.

Carrie Poppy: And in fact, he was like in his 70s.

Ross Blocher: Oh, wow. Let’s get married now. Sure. Yeah.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Okay. Next, “Taylor Swift is the archetype of the independent woman. She wants someone to keep up with her. So, her relationship with Travis-something will rise or fall on that. He needs to be on his game.” I guess he’s famous too, Travis-something. I’m sure he’s—

Ross Blocher: My brain turned off partway through that.

(Carrie agrees.)

Kelce! Kelce. Travis Kelce.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Who cares? Taylor, Travis—

Ross Blocher: I’ve heard that name thrown around everywhere. We didn’t write this one down, but one of the other psychics that you logged had said that Taylor Swift will become even more popular and powerful this year.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, wow. Yeah, that’s hard to do.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, she’s kind of top of anyone’s game right now.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. “The movie Saltburn might be a dark horse in the Oscars.” Might be.

Ross Blocher: Haven’t heard of this one.

Carrie Poppy: I don’t know what it is, and please don’t tell me, because my friend Katie told me to see it but not to learn anything about it.

Ross Blocher: Oh, okay! One of those. Well, that’s always fun. 2023, black comedy. Okay, so that is a prediction that we’ll find out about soon. I’ve seen the poster. I know nothing about it. And I guess I need to keep it that way.

Carrie Poppy: Then, “Billie Eilish’s Barbie song will have a good chance at the Oscars. The supporting actors in Barbie will have a good chance at the Oscars.”

Ross Blocher: Yeah, what does that mean? But okay.

Carrie Poppy: “The Ravens will win over the 49ers.”

Ross Blocher: (Chuckling.) So, if they lose, she’ll be like, “Well, they had a good chance, though!”

Carrie Poppy: “Millennials will adopt a new health wave of zero proof drinks and drinking less past January.” ‘Cause right now, January is often a sober month, but she’s saying that Millennials will push it.

Ross Blocher: Okay. Alright. She’s in there in the public sphere.

Carrie Poppy: She has her thumb on the pulse.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. Of the media. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. She gets it. “And April and May feel like they’re going to be a good month for all of us.” All of us!

Ross Blocher: Well, I feel like these are—even though—(chuckles) yeah, even though these are open ended, I still feel like there’s something you can grasp onto there. So, alright.

Carrie Poppy: Absolutely. Absolutely. I just—I can’t wait to see how nothing bad happens in April and May.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. (Laughs.) Right.

Carrie Poppy: Not a single person dies.

Ross Blocher: I’m sure Michelle will forget to follow up, but don’t worry, Michelle. We remember.

Carrie Poppy: (Whispering.) We remember.

Ross Blocher: Michelle forgets, we remember.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Debbie Malone.

Ross Blocher: Oh wow, from! You found this, okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yes. I think Drew found her, actually. She is a psychic medium, author, psychic detective, and spiritual teacher.

Ross Blocher: Psychic detective! Ooh, every time I hear that, I just want to call the police department that you worked with and hear what they really thought of working with you.

Carrie Poppy: (Chuckling.) And ask for the actual story? Yeah, I feel like if you actually helped solve one of those cases, the way you’d be talking about it is not, “Sometimes the police ask me for help!” It would be, “I’m the psychic who solved the missing person’s case of Alexander Fleming!” You know?

Ross Blocher: Mm-hm. My first thought is leave him alone, Debbie Malone.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. That’s your first thought? (Laughs.)

Ross Blocher: That’s my—yeah, well, knowing that she calls herself a psychic detective, that is now my slogan for Debbie Malone, not having looked into this whatsoever.

Carrie Poppy: You know the show Cheers? His last name is Sam Malone!

Ross Blocher: Yeah! Sam Malone! Yeah!


Carrie Poppy: And I guess his daughter asked him one time, “Dad, why is he called Sam Alone?”

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Aw, that’s cute!

Carrie Poppy: And then when Ted Danson, who’s like actually a very—I don’t know—thoughtful, introspective person, as opposed to his character—when he was interviewed about it, he was like, “And I realized that’s just so thoughtful! He’s so alone.”

Ross Blocher: It’s just the right name for him.

Carrie Poppy: “Sam is so alone.” And I don’t know. It’s just like, oh man, this is a lot more depth than Sam Malone would ever show.

Ross Blocher: Right, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was intentional in the writing of the character.

Carrie Poppy: Oh yeah! Could be. Okay, Debbie Malone. She said that in the next 12 months, “it’s going to be a year of compassion and respect, a matter of looking at the bigger picture. Because worldwide, there’s a lot going on. We’re coming into a karmic year. It’s an eight year numerologically, and it’s a time of consequences and actions. It’s the time for righting wrongs and focusing on unresolved issues. Because when we hit 2025, we’re going into a nine year, which is an endings year. So, hopefully we settle things down before things actually blow up. I think we’re starting to look on a global scale of wanting peace.”

Ross Blocher: That was a lot.

Carrie Poppy: That’s her first prediction.

Ross Blocher: I always just think like and how well does this apply to 2023? I mean, pretty well!

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. This might as well be like, you know, an older relative texting you. I don’t know what—what are you exactly saying?

Ross Blocher: Which tells me she probably also tried to tell some police that she saw the missing girl near water or something.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Right, right, right, right. And then went on for 15 minutes about her kitchen.

Ross Blocher: Oh, this next one looks more specific.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, yes. “Harry and Meghan,”—presumably the royal ones. She says, “I almost feel like they’re together alone already. He’s given up everything, and I see that he’s very torn. Because he can’t really return to the UK, because his children are in the US. He’s in this no man’s land. He’s got a really sad life, and she’s tightening and tightening the control over the children.”

Ross Blocher: (Chuckling.) Woah, okay.

Carrie Poppy: “And I don’t see that they’re going to stay together long term. They will part ways.” Okay, there we go. There’s the prediction.

Ross Blocher: Yes. Harry and Meghan parting ways!

Carrie Poppy: “I do feel sorry for him, though, because he wants to be near the kids. But I see her actually pulling the kids away from him and controlling. And I can see that she’ll spill the beans if they part ways! There’s more books, and she’s more worried about her career than she is about the family situation. She’s completely ruined it for him! He hasn’t really got anywhere to go. So, it’s very difficult for him. I feel like he’s a very sensitive young man, but I kind of feel Meghan is very much a control freak! And it’s sort of got to a point now that she’s pushed him away, but I think he was her biggest fan. It’s very sad.”

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) I feel playing out there’s this microcosm of just fan culture in general, like just that she’s obsessing over every aspect of their relationship and what’s going to happen in the future. I think this is all in Debbie’s head, but we shall find out a year hence.

Carrie Poppy: Yes. It’s exactly like the guy who’s so obsessed with Connie Stevens.

(Ross laughs.)

Like, “I know exactly what’s gonna happen to exactly her!” No, you’re just thinking about her all the time.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, we can tell what’s on Debbie’s mind.

Carrie Poppy: Yes, exactly. She is concerned about the royals, because next she says, “When I look at Kate and William, I can see them stepping up more in the royal roles. And I feel that he’ll take the throne a lot quicker than Charles did. I don’t see Charles in the throne for a long time. I feel like he may have to step down due to health issues in the three to four years.”

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Wow! Okay.

Carrie Poppy: “I just see them maybe not crowned king and queen yet, but doing all the royal duties as though they are king and queen.”

Ross Blocher: These are just natural extrapolations.

Carrie Poppy: Writing fan fiction.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. None of this feels impressive if it came true in three to four years; that doesn’t help us.

Carrie Poppy: But more specifically, she predicts no reconciliation between William and Harry this year. Probably a good guess, but at least it’s a specific guess. She sees a little girl around Margot Robbie, probably a pregnancy in the next 12 to 18 months.

Ross Blocher: Though, when you think about it, a Barbie doll is a little Margot Robbie. (Laughs.)

Carrie Poppy: Touché, touché. And then some trouble with Ed Sheeran and his wife. They’re on thin ice.

Ross Blocher: Oh no! Oh, Debbie feels really sad when she looks at Ed Sheeran.

Carrie Poppy: Yes, exactly. “He’s a bit of a workaholic and that’s going to create distance. But they are going to have another baby, a little boy.” And then she weighed in on Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. She said, “He could be a keeper. I can just see them ending up being a more permanent item, which is good. But I don’t know if the marriage side of things will come just yet.” So, I’m taking that to mean no Taylor Swift engagement in 2024!

Ross Blocher: Buuut no breakup either!

Carrie Poppy: Yes! Okay. No breakup, no engagement. “A high-profile television presenter may lose their job in the new year.” (Sighs heavily.) Okay. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Okaaay. I’m trying to think how frequently we’ve seen that in the previous years, because it happens.

Carrie Poppy: I would count it if it happens.


I’m mostly annoyed by the word “may”. You’re making a prediction here. I knew that they may. Ugh.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. I mean, the wiggle words. It just comes so naturally. I mean, there’s been so many recently. Like Don Lemon or Tucker Carlson or Chris Cuomo. Like, it feels like it’s a constant thing. So, even having to use the hedge word “may” feels weak to me, but okay.

Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. She sees an increase in travel. Full stop.

Ross Blocher: Period. Okay. I guess we can look at travel rates.

Carrie Poppy: “And we should all focus on things we can change in our own backyard, being nice to each other, being respectful. Spread peace and unity, create memories with your loved ones. It’s about just taking time out and having fun, putting smiles back on your face.”

Ross Blocher: Look at her and Teal trying to encourage us all to live better, more positive lives.

Carrie Poppy: She’s like, “I’m sick of this shit! Cheer up!”

Okay, then Kelle Sutliff, a psychic medium, author, and guest radio host.

Ross Blocher: Okay. Wow, you got a lot of psychics.

Carrie Poppy: Thank you! “New innovative healing and medical research and cures around why inflammation causes disease in cancer, inflammatory diseases, myocarditis, and melanoma.” That’s hard to parse, but we’ll figure that out. “An MS, multiple sclerosis, breakthrough on its connection to mold injuries and why the disease is caused. Increase of pancreatic, liver, and brain cancers. Months of February, May, and October, they’ll announce some medical breakthroughs. Okay. Sadly, evil will be showing its head in attacks in lots of countries in 2024.”

Ross Blocher: Okay, I feel like I’m seeing a lot of this prediction.

Carrie Poppy: So yeah, “Need to prevent terrorism in the US in Texas, the Midwest, any borders, and any sleepy towns where you would not expect something to happen. Because they’ve already done the big cities like New York City and Boston, and they’re moving on to new turf.”

Ross Blocher: I mean there’s kind of a reason for hitting larger population centers, but okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yep. “Biden won’t finish his term and won’t be on the Democratic ticket.”

Ross Blocher: Oh! That’s a big prediction. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: “Vice President Harris will have a very, and I mean very, short run as president.” She says, “I keep seeing the number seven. That could be seven months, seven weeks, seven days.” But she’s leaning seven weeks.

Ross Blocher: Specific. I like it.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, me too. “Donald Trump will become president again, and he will have a strong woman as VP. There will be several presidential funerals in 2024.”

Ross Blocher: I feel like these predictions are only ever what the psychic wants to see. Like, when a psychic says that Trump’s gonna win, that kind of tells me you want Trump to win.

Carrie Poppy: Right, yeah. I know what you mean. See, I think she might like RFK. So, she says, “RFK Jr. is a messenger of lots of truth people do not want to hear. He’s exposing the 1960s events and why people died. That is okay, as truth heals and secrets harm. He has a great chance of being on the ticket for 2028.”

Ross Blocher: Being on the ticket? Well, that’s weird. Okay, because he’s running as an independent.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, good point. Yeah, what ticket?

Ross Blocher: Oh, 2028. Okay

Carrie Poppy: Oh, 2028. Okay. Yeah. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Huh. Alright. Well, so she likes him as well. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. What an interesting pair to admire.

Ross Blocher: Indeed. That’s interesting. The several presidential funerals occurring in 2024. I feel like Jimmy Carter is not a bad guess. Very old. Just lost his wife.

Carrie Poppy: Totally, totally. But multiple?

Ross Blocher: But she says several, so. Okay!

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, several. Okay. “Putin in Russia will have a major health crisis in the months of May through August.” Zelensky of Ukraine, she keeps hearing “the well runs dry for his leadership from the end of October 2024 ‘til March of 2025.”

Ross Blocher: Oh, we’ll be able to half-evaluate that.

Carrie Poppy: “Trudeau of Canada will be asked to step down.” Big. “And a new pope for the Catholic Church in 2024.”

Ross Blocher: Wow, okay. We’ll see how that goes, Kelle Sutliff.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, and then the New York Post had an article by someone named Rita Weigel who was interpreting… (sighs) she was sort of interpreting Baba Vanga and Nostradamus, two prognosticators of yore that people love to point backwards to and say, “They predicted the events of today!”

Ross Blocher: Interesting. Okay, I saw a different New York Post with Baba Vanga’s predictions. So, I’m curious how these will line up.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, yeah. This is very hard to figure out exactly who’s making what claim, because they just start repeating each other and saying, “Well, I heard—I read somewhere—!” And oh my goodness.

Ross Blocher: Right. Yeah, and it’s rare. I mean, sometimes they will reproduce like a line or two from the original, quote/unquote, “prediction” from Nostradamus or Baba Vanga, but usually it’s just you’re totally relying on their interpretation of whatever the source is. And you don’t know was it like an interview that Baba Vanga did while she was alive? Does she have like some written opus somewhere? And by the way, I think you all know about the French Nostradamus, but Baba Vanga, we’ve talked about her before—including in our last episode.


She is sometimes called the Nostradamus of the Balkans, is said to have predicted 9/11 and the war in Ukraine, according to The Sun. There you go. That’s it. Just a little more info about her.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. Baba Vanga, as interpreted by Rita Weigel in the New York Post, said that “A technological revolution will happen in 2024 with AI continuing its march towards total takeover and the rise of quantum computing leading to a major upheaval in the sectors of finance, healthcare, and cybersecurity. And cyber hackers will amplify threats to national security by targeting infrastructures like power grids and water treatment plants.”

Ross Blocher: Okay. Well, I’ll add to that because both The Sun and the New York Post, which copied it, had seven predictions by Baba Vanga. One of those you just read, but also she might have foreseen that the Russian president would be assassinated by someone from his country next year. That’s big.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, she might have?! Woah! Okay!

Ross Blocher: She might have seen that! She just might have.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, add that to the spreadsheet.

Ross Blocher: I shall! Also, “Europe could see a rise in terrorist attacks.” She mentioned devastating weapons and claims that a, quote, “big country”, unquote, will conduct biological weapons tests or nuke attacks next year.

Carrie Poppy: Aren’t we performing biological weapons tests all the time?

Ross Blocher: Well, there is like a nuclear test ban treaty. We’re not supposed to be testing nuclear weapons.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, but you said biological.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, biological as well was included there.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, I would imagine—I don’t know.

Ross Blocher: I don’t know what the scale of testing is. The mystic forecast—“There will be an orbital change, which usually occurs over a long period of time. But if this occurs more quickly, we could see terrifying natural disasters and even an increase in radiation levels.”

Carrie Poppy: This seems so mean to people.

Ross Blocher: To just have them looking for signs of horrible disaster? Yeah. Yeah, really you should be posting positive things online, like Teal Swan would have us all do.

Carrie Poppy: And Lori Spagna. Right?

Ross Blocher: Baba Vanga said, “There will be a huge economic crisis that will impact the global economy in 2024, could be due to increased debt levels, further geopolitical tensions, and economic power shifting from the west to the east.” She also claimed, like you said, the rise in cyber-attacks. So, that’s been covered. And also, a major breakthrough in quantum computing, which I think we just had predicted for this past year by someone else.

Carrie Poppy: Okay I mean, “major breakthrough” is kind of subjective, but like you could kind of point to any emerging field and make this guess. Right? Like, that’s all that’s happening is they’re noticing AI in the headlines, I would assume.

Ross Blocher: And it said, “If this prediction turns out to be true,”—though, I mean, unrelated to quantum computing—“2024 could see the power of AI skyrocketing in society.” I mean, of course. That’s what it’s doing.

Carrie Poppy: We gotta find this Baba Vanga text, don’t we? We gotta find out what they’re looking at. Okay, I’m writing it down.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, yeah. That’s true. I do not know. Okay. And while you’re doing that, this Bulgarian mystic claimed that new treatments would emerge in 2024 for previously incurable diseases, including Alzheimer’s and cancer. Which lines up with that other psychic prediction. So, let’s see if it’s a big year for cancer and Alzheimer’s!

Carrie Poppy: I also have a prediction. We’re going to get to our personal predictions later in this episode, but this just came to me like a download. Which is that the listener will download and listen to this show from Maximum Fun.


Music: Bright, brassy music.

Alex Schmidt: Most of the plants humans eat are technically grass.

Katie Goldin: Most of the asphalt we drive on is almost a liquid.

Alex: The formula of WD-40 is San Diego’s greatest secret.

Katie: Zippers were invented by a Swedish immigrant love story.

Alex: On the podcast Secretly Incredibly Fascinating, we explore this type of amazing stuff.

Katie: Stuff about ordinary topics like cabbage and batteries and socks!

Alex: Topics you’d never expect to be the title of the podcast: secretly, incredibly fascinating.

Katie: Find us by searching for the word (whispers) “secretly” in your podcast app.

Alex: And at

(Music fades out.)

Carrie Poppy: Okay. So, also Rita Weigel at the New York Post was also interpreting Nostradamus for us. And Nostradamus told Rita Weigel that King Charles will be driven off the throne and replaced by Harry, not William.

Ross Blocher: Specific prediction. I like it.

(Carrie agrees.)

Let’s see how you do, interpreted Nostradamus.

Carrie Poppy: I love this prediction. It’s so specific, and it’s not how it’s supposed to go. So, it’s an actual swing. Love it. Next was a website called L-A-D.

Ross Blocher: I’ve seen it. Can’t really remember what it’s for, but seems like a stupid name for a website. Sorry.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, okay! I had never heard of it. (Laughs.) It’s like the Bible for men?


Is that the idea?

Ross Blocher: Guess so.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Okay. Some kind of just like entertainment news website. Oh! “Horror Fans Solve Mystery Years After Watching Hereditary”. Well, pulling that up.

(Ross laughs.)

But okay, going back. (Laughs.) Okay, Jemima Packington, a woman from—

Ross Blocher: Great name. Grade A+ name.

Carrie Poppy: Definitely. 100%. If you’re Jemima, please write in.

Ross Blocher: Jemima Packington, detective.

Carrie Poppy: A woman from Bath—Jemima Packington from Bath! The psychic from Bath!

Ross Blocher: I mean, she’s already won.

Carrie Poppy: Oh my goodness. Jemima Packington, the Psychic from Bath, with a strange ability to predict the future by—are you ready?

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Yeah, I’m ready.

Carrie Poppy: Throwing asparagus spears into the air. And then based on how they land, she will be able to tell the future.

Ross Blocher: Asperomancy. Yeah, okay, alright.

Carrie Poppy: (Applauds.) Okay, here’s what she predicted. Again, with vegetables.

(They laugh.)

Prediction number one. “Separations and divorces are due within the royal family!”

Ross Blocher: Every time you hear one of these new predictions, just picture a little bundle of asparaguses falling to the ground and overlapping with each other.

(They laugh.)

OK, let’s have another throw of the asparagus.

Carrie Poppy: I hope this started because like her husband loves asparagus and she hates it. And she was like, “Actually, there’s something more important I need to do with that.”

Ross Blocher: Or he said, “What are we having for dinner tonight?” And she threw the asparagus in the bowl and said, “Asparagus!”

Carrie Poppy: “You fucking get it!” She’s like, “Actually, I see a shape in there, now that I did that.”

Ross Blocher: “Or we’re gonna eat asparagus.”

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Do you like asparagus?

Ross Blocher: Oh, I love asparagus.

Carrie Poppy: Drew loooves it. I like it! He loooooves it.

Ross Blocher: It’s good stuff.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. Where am I? “Celeb culture is dying, and the public is going to focus on the rising cost of living in 2024.”

Ross Blocher: That just sounds out of touch.

Carrie Poppy: No more caring about celebrities! We’re finally going to notice other stuff’s going on.

Ross Blocher: Says the woman who uses asparagus to make her predictions.

Carrie Poppy: To figure out if the royal family is going to divorce. She’s not thinking about celebrity culture!

Ross Blocher: But prediction registered. Thank you, Jemima.

Carrie Poppy: I guess the royals are not celebrities. “The US will have their first female president.” Okay. Specific. Good.

Ross Blocher: Uh-oh, Does that mean Nikki Haley? Mm.

Carrie Poppy: Well, at least that would be confirmatory.

Ross Blocher: Oh, I guess it could also be like the other predictor was saying that Kamala Harris will take over. So. Okay.

Carrie Poppy: Yep. Good. “Well-paid TV personalities will lose their jobs.”

(They sigh.)

I assume—lose your job could mean a contract ends, so I hope she’s not counting that. I hope she means fired.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, some of the hundreds of known television presenters will transition into other work or leave their roles. Uh, a certainty.

Carrie Poppy: Definitely, definitely. So, I’m going to assume she means a scandal. And then, “Influencer culture will dampen as people focus on reality.”

Ross Blocher: Oh, that’s so funny. That’s just like the celeb culture going away. So, she just wants these things to go away.

Carrie Poppy: Exactly. It’s wishful thinking. Yes. Absolutely.

Ross Blocher: And I like how she’s incensed by celeb culture but is also telling us about the royal family. Okay. Alright, Jemima Packington.

Carrie Poppy: So, Rose Smith from the Daily Mail comes next, she’s our penultimate entrant. She says, “2023 was another tumultuous year for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,” but she feels that “the energy around them is growing stronger in 2024 despite endless controversies.” She also says, “If incumbent, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump both stand for the 2024 US presidency election, then Joe Biden will win.” Now, I don’t know why she only knows what will happen if those two are the ones on the ticket, but apparently that’s the only future she can read.

Ross Blocher: Prognosticate. Okay. She was able to go down one timeline and give us a certainty there. If we find ourselves in another timeline, all bets are off.

Carrie Poppy: Exactly. Okay, and then, Ross, you added a couple final things here.

Ross Blocher: So, as we were prepping for this episode, I was on Instagram—as one does sometimes. And I saw a prediction being shared by Isaac Mars.

Carrie Poppy: Isaac Mars. (Sighs.) Okay.

Ross Blocher: Isaac Mars. So, we have talked about him. We saw him at last year’s Conscious Life Expo. I attended a talk of his on unity physics. He feels that he’s kind of come up with this new branch of physics. He also was at the spoon bending party that I was at, and I mentioned him. He had like—he just stood out. He was an interesting character. Young man, blonde hair, felt very confident in his understanding of physics.


But never actually said anything kind of in terms of physics like you would expect. But he had sort of a language around resonance and various other kind of metaphysical buzzwords. So, we’ve both been following him online.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, I’ve talked to him a few times. He always wears all red. He calls himself the Crimson Eagle.

Ross Blocher: Mm-hm. And he had reposted this graphic that came from someone with the handle—(chuckles) it looks like Cadaver Ultimatum, but it’s missing the last E. So, Cada-VR-Ultimatum? I don’t know. But the post said, “Hear this loud and clear. We have a major warning about a catastrophic earthquake and a resulting tsunami in California and warnings of terrorist attacks across the US predicted for tomorrow, January 11th.” So, we are recording on January 15th. This was posted January 10th. She said, “Please listen to your best judgment on what to do about this.” And then the graphic itself is just more text that says, (robotically) “Warning, very important news. There is a report that has been given that by tomorrow there will be a massive earthquake which leads to a tsunami that will hit California, destroying half of it. Done artificially by the Khazarian Mafia, aka Zionists.”

Carrie Poppy: Oh, wow.

Ross Blocher: Yyyeah, we know where this is going. “This information comes from Benjamin Fulford, who had been given this information by a senior secret space program official. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also predicted to be terrorist attacks within the US, starting tomorrow. And we know many of these Chinese sleeper cells—” (Laughing weakly.) Oh no, there’s so much xenophobia here. “Chinese sleeper cells and other military-aged men have been flocking into the country. The Q Clock—” Oh great, we’re referencing Q. “—says the end of the world is coming. The countdown led to January 11th. I use caution with these events and predictions. No matter if they come to pass—”

Ugh, oh goodness. “I urge you to prepare, get information. Please pray and stay safe. If you’re along the coast, evacuate to as far inland and east. Make these preparations to not drive on freeways tomorrow, as an unexpected earthquake could lead to collapses of architecture and overpasses. If you have any information or abilities to get downloads about the damage, please contact me.”

Now, this is already passed and failed.

Carrie Poppy: Well, I just checked the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program from the US government to see when was the last tsunami that hit the California coast at all. Do you want to guess when it was?

Ross Blocher: We did notably have some very large waves hitting the coast in this past month. But I’m guessing before then, so I’m gonna say 2018.

Carrie Poppy: Good guess. March 2011. An earthquake in Japan caused the tsunami waves to actually strike California. That’s the last time.

Ross Blocher: Okay. So, that was from one Instagrammer. And so, Isaac Mars reposted this and said, “This post surfaced on my Instagram today. My prophetic insights are now being corroborated by countless individuals within the collective. Prophecy states only one man will know the hour beforehand. I have made that clear through my self-expression. Now others are finally receiving what I have been saying for months now. Others are saying they have been seeing visions of a tsunami. Others are receiving insights of great acts of violence on the horizon. Is it too late to wake up anyone to the truth? Now it is up to those of us with eyes to see to be the heroes of the storm.”

Ugh, again more Q language it sounds like. “Only unconditional love and balance of light and dark can lead us to success, victory, and safety. May your heart be your guiding key to truth. With ferocious unconditional love, I Am.” He signs off as “I Am”, like the name of God. Okay. “The Crimson Eagle and the Wolf of Revelation.” And then credits the original poster.

So, by the time I saw this on Instagram, it was already passed. So, I wrote, “So? Thoughts, now that this warning has proven false?” And I thought he might just delete it, because, you know, Isaac isn’t too wild about dissenting voices but will pay attention to them.

So, he wrote back and said, “I added an additional edit.” So, to the original post, he added, “Edit: The original poster put a specific date as the date of the earthquake.”

Carrie Poppy: Mmm! Got too specific, yeah.

Ross Blocher: “In Unity Holodynamics,”—that’s his system of physics—“everything happens within the universal plan.” In parentheses, “divine plan”. Thank you. That helps.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, DP. DP, thank you.

Ross Blocher: “—on timing that is extremely difficult to determine dates and times within, since time does not actually exist.”

Carrie Poppy: Oh! (Laughs.) Oh, what a flex! Oh my god, buried the lead! This should be the post! Time doesn’t exist!

Ross Blocher: “Time is a method for thinking about reality. The wave is coming. For a wave of emotional release is coming with the magnetic pole flip.”


Well, that’s new! Magnetic pole flip! “All of this is prophesied and will happen at any moment now.” Or at any now moment. “It will be a surprise to all.”

So, I wrote, “Thanks! Any moment now. Would you be surprised if it hadn’t happened by the end of 2024?”

And he said, “Yes. According to my guidance, the seven-year tribulation begins now and ends in January 2025.”

Carrie Poppy: (Beat.) Wait, what?

(Ross laughs.)

Wait, what?!

Ross Blocher: “The Seven Years of Tribulation,”—a biblical reference—“begins now and ends in January of 2025.”

Carrie Poppy: What? Wait, when—? He said that in January 2024?

Ross Blocher: Uh-huh. And the seven years begins now and ends in—

Carrie Poppy: In 2024, a seven-year tribulation will happen.

Ross Blocher: He further writes to me, tagging me directly, “Two days ago, the sunset in Sedona, whose land is tied to prophecy, showed a tidal wave. I posted it.”

So, I looked, there was a nice picture of the sunset. He didn’t say anything about a tidal wave, but okay. So, I wrote back, “Just clarifying, seven years of tribulation begin now and end in January of 2025. So that means these aren’t seven literal calendar years?”

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, time isn’t real, Ross!

Ross Blocher: “I’m going to remind myself to keep an eye out for a massive tidal wave that destroys a large part of California. I live in that state. A magnetic polar flip and terrorist attacks across the US. If those don’t happen by January of 2025, I’ll check in on the efficacy of this prophecy.”

And to Isaac Mars’s credit, he did come back and said, “Did I say 2025? I was sleepy.” Laughy face. “I meant 2031. LMAO. Wow. Basic math. Laughing my ass off.”

Carrie Poppy: Interesting. Oh, wow. I was just like, “Oh, he’s doing a time isn’t real thing.” Okay! Okay, so the tribulation starts now. So, was there a rapture?

Ross Blocher: Well, and he turned a next-day prediction into a time-is-irrelevant prediction into a seven-year prediction.

Carrie Poppy: An immediate prediction, because it has to start now! Oh my lord. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Right. It starts now. So far, none of that has happened, but let’s track that one and see how it goes.

Carrie Poppy: Okaaay. Okay. Well, since we’re talking about Isaac Mars, I might as well update you on Isaac Mars and my experience with him, since he is the final of our global predictors. I’ve been following him too. And on December 5th, 2023, he posted this.


Isaac Mars: I’m feeling intuitively guided to share this message, and I want to be clear to anybody that needs to hear this: substances are never the answer to our problems. Whether it’s alcohol, whether it’s cannabis, whether it’s pills or pharmaceuticals, psychedelics even. These medicines and these poisons are not to solve our problems. They can’t. Only taking action can solve our problems. Taking actions in the ways that we need, in the highest vibrational ways. And I’m realizing that today I’m gonna have to make a video that’s gonna be really hard for me to make. Because I need to be willing to ask everyone for help. Because my entire life, nobody’s ever helped me. I was the one helping everybody else. So, if there’s anyone in your life that you need to talk to in order to feel safe, in order to feel seen, to feel heard, to heal—reach out. You’re not alone.

Ross Blocher: Oh, man.

Carrie Poppy: And then in his caption, he explained a little more. Said he had recently given up cannabis, his favorite thing. I heard that and thought, oh gosh. Because there’s something called—

Ross Blocher: I might have a real explanation for him.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. There’s cannabis withdrawal psychosis. Heavy use of cannabis, especially if you’re at high genetic risk for schizophrenia and issues related to schizophrenia can be like pretty dangerous. So, when I heard that, I was like uh-oh. So, I commented and said, “Hi, Isaac, this is a really heartfelt message. Thanks for sharing about your personal experience with cannabis dependency. Congrats on working on that change. You might be interested to know that some people experience psychosis upon marijuana cessation if they were a heavy chronic user.” And then gave him a study reference. I don’t know if he used it, but Ramos et al., 2022.

“This starts around six days after the last day of use. Things often clear up on their own, but they can also become chronic. And when psychosis becomes chronic, it’s more dangerous to us than to others.


“If a lot of people you know personally are reflecting to you that they’re concerned, reality testing is one avenue to consider. I don’t know you personally, so I’ll defer to you and your longest associated loved ones. We all need to reality test sometimes. It does not mean we’re crazy or that our opinions are dismissible.”

Ross Blocher: Great message.

Carrie Poppy: Thank you. So, he wrote back, “Thanks for your concern. Your perspective does not resonate with me. I’m completely stable and secure. I’m a Virgo sun and a Capricorn moon. I appreciate your truth.”

Ross Blocher: Oh, well, okay.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) “I appreciate your truth even though it does not resonate. Thank you for your love and your support.”

Ross Blocher: I mean, that is a nice response. The nicest way you can say no thanks.

Carrie Poppy: Mm-hm. So, I said, “Hmm, isn’t there a limitation to only listening to your intuition and inner standing?” That’s his word.

He said, “Absolutely not! What I teach everyone is to only listen to their heart, because its guidance is inherently limitless. Whereas the mind is the direct manifestation of limitation.”

And I—my response is the last thing on this thread. It says, “Then why even communicate with one another? There must be some value in teaching and learning.” No response.

Ross Blocher: Okay. (Sighs.) Oh yeah, poor Isaac’s been going through a lot. And poor people around him too, because—you know—he’s a confident, handsome young man.

Carrie Poppy: Smart.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, clearly. But he’s just started suspecting people of horrible things online and really starting a lot of flame wars within the—

Carrie Poppy: UFO.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, the UFO, crystal healing, 5D community. And drawing lines and making accusations and putting up these cryptic posts.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah. Kind of accused some people, including Jimmy Church—some people doing a conference in Las Vegas.

Ross Blocher: (Doing a deep, guttural voice.) Jimmy!

Carrie Poppy: Accused them of being agents of darkness in some way and maybe performing a human sacrifice or planning to, though he backed up on that claim. But yeah. So, I mean, guy is it seems to me like going through some sort of paranoid type episode. That’s how it reads to me. I could be wrong. But…

Ross Blocher: Yeah. And pretty much anybody who responds to him sort of gets caught in this net, so I’m sure now we are part of this.

(They chuckle.)

We’re hoping the best for you, Isaac.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah. I hate to see signs of that, ‘cause I’ve seen it in loved ones, and it’s a very hard time for everybody when it happens.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, sooo we’ll see how that prediction goes. And new tradition, of course, I had to check in with Apostle Kathryn Krick, because she had already posted at the end of the year her prophetic word of 2024!


Kathryn Krick: And now for the prophetic word of 2024!

(Cheers and applause.)

Whoo! Who’s ready? Who’s excited?! Hallelujah! Hallelujah.

Ross Blocher: As you remember in 2023, she said, “The promise shall be fulfilled!” And that there was going to be just wild expansion.

Carrie Poppy: Oh yeah, is that done?

Ross Blocher: Well, she referenced it.


Kathryn Krick: There’s a prophetic word that God releases every year. Last year, 2023—or this year still, for one more day. So, 2023 was the year that the promise shall be fulfilled. Hallelujah. And I don’t know about you, but I have seen many promises of god fulfilled this year and Him be faithful to His word. Is that anyone here?

(The audience cheers.)

Give God a praise! Hallelujah!

Ross Blocher: She seemed to feel fully sanguine that God had held up his end of that bargain. But they didn’t have the crazy expansion that she was referencing.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, it seems like they’ve been around 200 to 300 people each week for a while.

Ross Blocher: Failure does not get this lady down. So, she led us through a discussion. This was—you know, it was a sermon but also with a prophetic word. So, she had this whole thing about Luke 4:18. That happens to be the verse that Bob Larson uses as the call verse for his ministry. So, about—you know, setting the prisoner free and proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favor, all of that good stuff. But then she said that the prophetic word of 2024 is this is the year to catch the wave!

(Carrie “ooh”s.)


Kathryn Krick: God is causing a big revival wave!

(Cheers and applause.)

To come and wash upon the whole world, over every nation. A great wave is coming!

(Cheers and applause.)

A mighty revival wave. We have been in revival now for some years. But this revival is about to progress in a level that we have not seen yet. God is making this massive wave of revival to come this year.

Carrie Poppy: Catch the wave. The wave.


This isn’t anything! Okay.

Ross Blocher: So, she said that her parents are here in town. They’re visiting her from, we know, a small town in New York. And she was leading them around. “And there’s been all this news lately about big waves hitting the California coast. And we went up, and we were hiking in Malibu, and we could not only see the waves, but we could hear them from so far away! That’s how powerful they were. It’s going to be a wave of revival this yeeear!”

But she didn’t give numbers this time. Maybe she’d been a little chastened by last year’s hyperbolic promises that were not quite delivered on. Also, I should mention she was posting on Instagram, like video of taking her parents to one of the islands in Hawaii and them doing all this luxury stuff. And they were staying in this Airbnb that looked like super swank. And I’m thinking, “Your seed money at work.” With all that money she gathers from these low socioeconomic people in her church.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, and then she’s like laying on the beach with the waves crashing and she’s like, “Oh my god, it’s a message!”

Ross Blocher: Luxury trips and—yeah, whatever.

(Carrie groans.)

So, she—yeah, she wished everybody would pour into their new wine skins. The wineskin of 2023 is left behind. That was a new one! But I guess this is a newer one. And she wishes that everyone will see the desires of their hearts fulfilled. And I’m thinking, well, what—?

Carrie Poppy: It’s like Lori Spagna being like, “Here’s my prediction video!”

Ross Blocher: “If it didn’t happen in 2023—” So, yeah, this was even less precise. And there wasn’t anything really that you could lock onto and say like that’ll be fulfilled or not.

Carrie Poppy: Well, I wrote down, “This is the year to catch the wave, the wave of revival.” I feel like that at least implies this year we will see more of a Christian revival movement than we did in 2023. That’s the smallest bar I can—right?

Ross Blocher: Right. Otherwise, why describe it as a wave? Well, waves are cyclic.

Carrie Poppy: Right. Okay, so higher… more Christian revival.

Ross Blocher: Maybe a bunch of people will leave the church and a bunch of new ones will come in. That’ll form a wave.

(They chuckle.)

Carrie Poppy: Uniquely Christian revival driven year. Exactly.

Ross Blocher: Okay. Now I’m just thinking she should have had her audience do the wave.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, there you go. Yeah, that’s how she should save herself on New Year’s Eve if this doesn’t come true.

Ross Blocher: Missed opportunity. Oh yeah, look at the wave! A wave of revival! Anyways. Had to include.

Carrie Poppy: Perfect. Well, shall we try to predict a little?

Ross Blocher: We always try. Let’s see how we do.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. Do you want to start? I know Drew already put some predictions in. He had predictions to make, and he wanted to be represented.

Ross Blocher: Oh, good for Drew. Okay, shall we read Drew’s predictions?

Carrie Poppy: Okay, sure. Yeah. Let’s warm up on Drew and see if he inspires us. So, his first prediction was that the TV and film industry will cope with scheduling holes as a result of last year’s strikes by programming more events—for example, screenings of blockbuster concerts a la Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

Ross Blocher: Okay. He also says either IATSE or Teamsters—those are two unions—will go on strike, will last shorter than WGA and SAG.

Carrie Poppy: “Down ballot races and the Dobbs effect carry Biden to a relatively limp and less decisive than 2020 victory over Donald Trump with a very modest majority in both House and Senate setting up an immediate lame duck second term.”

Ross Blocher: Oh no! Okay. “Brawny James is either drafted or drafted and then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, playing with his father.” Okay. I assume that’s LeBron James’s son.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, right, presumably. “In turn, LeBron James announces his intention to retire in 2028, completing 25 years in the league with two sons playing alongside him.”

Ross Blocher: Woah, wild. I didn’t know about this dynasty! “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry,”—I like that Drew’s in on the royal scuttlebutt—“will be embroiled in a financial malfeasance scandal.” Okay. Now I got to say, we’re saying all this on January 15th. So, we’re already halfway into the first month. We’re 124th of the way into the year. So, you know, anything that happens before now doesn’t count. And tonight happens to be the first Iowa caucus, the first official contest of the 2024 election. So, things are about to get wild, folks.

Carrie Poppy: Okaay! Okay, now Ross, shall we make predictions?

Ross Blocher: Let’s do it. (Sighs.) I feel completely unprepared for this, but I do every year.

Carrie Poppy: I do every year, too. Okay, so I’m going to stand up for my man, Dick Van Dyke. Dick Van Dyke will survive 2024.

Ross Blocher: Oh yeah, old celebrities. Hmm, I should be thinking about that. Okay, well I’m going to start with one that I mentioned last time, and that is that 83-year-old Hayao Miyazaki will announce his retirement and then also announce his next film project.

Carrie Poppy: (Chuckles.) Cute. Have you seen The Boy in the Herring yet? I haven’t seen it.

Ross Blocher: I haven’t! But I’m looking forward to it.

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, me neither. Okay.


I’m gonna say Starbucks makes the news with a highly publicized safety incident.

Ross Blocher: Interesting! Alright, I’m gonna dive into the political here. I will say that Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination but loses the presidential contest.

Carrie Poppy: Okay, okay. I’m gonna say Ross and/or Carrie is touched unexpectedly by a living bird.

Ross Blocher: (Laughs in surprise.) Alright! I’m gonna go down the old celebrity road, and I’m going to reinforce what I said earlier. Jimmy Carter will—I add—sadly pass away in 2024.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. So, if he passes away happily, you don’t get it. (Laughs.)

Ross Blocher: I’m going to be sad either way. The guinea worms will be happy.

Carrie Poppy: That’s true. That’s true. Number one enemy. Okay. I’m going to say—oh, okay. I’ll do one for The Bachelor. Bachelor Joey kicks a woman out of the Bachelor mansion for an outrageous reason.

Ross Blocher: And that’s something that doesn’t normally happen?

Carrie Poppy: Yeah, yeah. I mean, so there are typical things that happen. Usually, people get kicked out of the house, because they’re the person stirring up drama with the rest of the contestants. That’s the most typical reason. So, something different.

Ross Blocher: Okay. I’m predicting there will be a new craze or a major news item centered on an exotic—at least to us—fruit.

Carrie Poppy: Okay. I’ll say Elon Musk—is he currently married or engaged? No, right? I think?

(Ross sighs uncertainly.)

Elon Musk—

Ross Blocher: He has kids.

Carrie Poppy: He dated Amber Heard?! Woah. That’s quite a connection.

Ross Blocher: Did he?! Wow. From Johnny Depp to Elon Musk—or vice versa.

Carrie Poppy: Uh, yeah, 2015 to 2017. 11 kids?! Holy shit. Okay, well, then my guess continues to be good. It’s going to be Elon Musk gets engaged or married.

Ross Blocher: He has 11 kids?! What?!

Carrie Poppy: I guess so. That’s what it says on his Wikipedia. I mean, he’s had three spouses. Oh, no, wait. He’s had three marriages to two spouses.

Ross Blocher: That’s bonkers. I’m going to say something terrible happens to another cast member of Friends.

Carrie Poppy: Oh! Okay, okay. Yeah. Sadly.

Ross Blocher: Sadly. I’ll be sad.

Carrie Poppy: (Chuckles.) Okay, I’ll say, sadly, Bob Newhart passes away. I think I’ve bet against Bob Newhart in the past, and I want him to survive. But I just feel like—

Ross Blocher: He’s looking frail.

(Carrie grumbles to herself.)

I don’t want to bet against Dick Van Dyke, so I’m just gonna stay out of that one.

Carrie Poppy: Exactly. I can’t. I can’t do it. Exactly. A horse who once won the Kentucky Derby is euthanized.

Ross Blocher: Oh, is that a thing?

Carrie Poppy: Oh, no idea. Probably?

Ross Blocher: Oh, and a listener wrote and said that there was another Australian heartthrob that emerged this year, trans actor Zoe Terakes. I may be saying that completely wrong.

Carrie Poppy: I haven’t heard of them.

Ross Blocher: But they garnered GQ actor of the year. So yeah.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay! Okay, so wait, whose prediction was that?

Ross Blocher: Oh, that was mine from last year. But we already gave it a one, so now I’ve earned the one a little better. Alright, I’m going to say that news related to Jeffrey Epstein—there was just like a revelation of people who’d done business with him. I’m going to say someone will get arrested in connection with Jeffrey Epstein.

Carrie Poppy: The Jeffery Epstein scandal. Okay.

Ross Blocher: Yeah. I’m going to say there’s going to be a major E. coli outbreak this year, sadly tied to vegetables.

Carrie Poppy: In a particular area or just anywhere?

Ross Blocher: It’s just going to be newsworthy. I’ll say it’s a multi-state.

Carrie Poppy: US?

(Ross confirms.)

Okay, US. That’s fine. That’s specific enough for me. (Laughs.)

Ross Blocher: Sadly. Yeah, do we have any happy predictions? In the spirit of Teal Swan.

Carrie Poppy: Oh, okay. Yeah, good point. Okay, I’m gonna say… bip-bip-bip-boo-boo, how about Donald Trump gives up politics, turns to painting.

Ross Blocher: Okay. (Laughs.) That’s funny, ‘cause George W. Bush did that after his presidency. You know, I feel like a lot of our predictors were onto something with AI solving a big problem. ‘Cause they keep throwing things at it, like give us potential materials. I was reading an article about this, and they just sort of extrapolated from potential combinations of atoms and said, “Here’s a bunch of materials you haven’t tried yet.” And so, I’m sure much cool stuff will come of that. So, I’m going to say—and I feel like some of our predictors had a very similar prediction, but I’ll say AI is used to brute-force a solution to a longstanding medical problem.


Carrie Poppy: Mm! Okay. Would longstanding be like over 10 years? Something like that.

(Ross affirms.)

Okay. Cool.

Ross Blocher: Alright. Those are our predictions.

Carrie Poppy: Those are our predictions.

Ross Blocher: We’ll see how we do.

Carrie Poppy: Write down your own, mail them to yourself.

Ross Blocher: Oh wait, I almost forgot. (Writing it down.) Carrie still looks like she’s in her 20s.

Carrie Poppy: (Laughs.) Ugh, thank you. Thank you so much. Great prediction.

Ross Blocher: Three points.

(They chuckle.)

Carrie Poppy: And not—I’m not making this up. The psychic I will tell you about next week also accept this. (Laughs.) Yep. Yep. So, anyway, if anybody wants my skincare routine, I’m available for consultations.

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) Okay, so we came here ready to talk about our psychic experiences and our predictions from them for 2024, but we’ve been yammering too long.

Carrie Poppy: Too long!

Ross Blocher: This is ridiculous. You’ve got places to be. You just arrived. You’re at the doctor’s office. You need to get out of the car.

Carrie Poppy: You just got to Poquito Mas for a vegetarian burrito.

Ross Blocher: Dooo they have Poquito Mas’s everywhere? Or is it—

Carrie Poppy: Not at all. No, it’s a very bad grab.

Ross Blocher: But a great one!

Carrie Poppy: Because there’s like four of them, and they’re all in LA. But god, it’s good. God, it’s good.

Ross Blocher: A great restaurant, though. Yeah, we’re big fans of Poquito Mas. Well—

Carrie Poppy: If you did just pull up to Poquito Mas, please tell me.

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) That’s right. Make sure to contact us about that. We hope you’re enjoying whatever you’re doing next. But! That’s going to be our worldwide and personal predictions for 2024 outside of what we’re going to tell you about next episode.

Carrie Poppy: That’s right, which will be about Ross and Carrie and what’s going to happen to them, those fucking nerds.

Ross Blocher: And that will just happen to be our 400th episode!

Carrie Poppy: That is nuts. So, I went and looked up 400th episodes on YouTube just to see like are there any famous 400th episode? And the only one I could find was Grey’s Anatomy. And the 400th episode of Grey’s Anatomy has the most cloying, long montage scene.

Ross Blocher: Oh, really?

Carrie Poppy: And it made me want to do a very cloying, long montage of ONRAC for—yeah, for episode 400.

Ross Blocher: Grey’s Anatomy did. (Laughs.) Well, it won’t be that, because we’ve already planned out what we’re going to talk about.

Carrie Poppy: Yeeeah. So, instead, we’ll talk about ourselves and what’s going to happen to us in 2024 according to two psychics—one from Ross’s hometown and one from my hometown.

Ross Blocher: No.

Carrie Poppy: No?!

Ross Blocher: (Chuckling.) Because I couldn’t connect with the one in Santa Cruz.

Carrie Poppy: Because he couldn’t connect with the one in Santa Cruz!

Ross Blocher: So, I picked the one in Sherman Oaks.

Carrie Poppy: Okay! Well, mine’s from my hometown!

Ross Blocher: (Laughs.) I tried.

Carrie Poppy: Because my hometown’s much closer. It’s La Crescenta. It took me 15 minutes to get there.

Ross Blocher: Excellent. Alright. That’s coming soon. And that’s it for this episode. Our theme music is by Brian Keith Dalton.

Carrie Poppy: This episode was edited by Ross Blocher.

Ross Blocher: Our administrative manager is Ian Kremer!

Carrie Poppy: You can support this and all our investigations by going to

Ross Blocher: Yes, please do. Please support us. You can also find us on And then if you buy some of the books that we recommend, we’ll get a little bit of kickback. You’ll be supporting us and authors and independent bookstores. That’s the cool thing about Bookshop is the orders are fulfilled by a local bookshop near to you!

Carrie Poppy: Yes! Yes, you need a book delivered to you, but you don’t want to support like—I don’t know—whatever horrible online book merchant is in your head right now? has a solution for you.

Ross Blocher: You can also support us by telling a friend, by posting a positive review.

Carrie Poppy: In fact, I’d love it if people started writing their positive reviews like, “Dear Janine.” You know, just address them directly to the reader and just guess about the reader’s name. Yeah, yeah.

Ross Blocher: Oh yeah! Mm-hm. Could make a really magical moment for someone.

Carrie Poppy: Exactly, and everyone else, not at all.

Ross Blocher: Yeah, but you know what we’re talking about, Luke.

Carrie Poppy: See? You get it, Luke.

(Ross chuckles.)

And remember!


Teal Swan: The dominant theme for 2024 is destruction lust. To be consumed, even at a subconscious level, with the desire for destruction of that which a person perceives to be against their best interests. In 2024, you will see this urge towards destruction on a microcosmic level, in the personal lives of the people that you know. You’re gonna see this in the workplace, especially with employees. You will see it on a macrocosmic level in countries and in societies the world over. And if you’re self-aware, you will catch glimpses of this in yourself. And this destruction lust is likely to determine the fate of global politics.

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