TRANSCRIPT Depresh Mode: BONUS CONTENT PREVIEW: The Tables Have Turned and YOU Are the Interviewer

A special sneak preview of this year’s bonus content special: Host John Moe gets up and moves to the other chair, becoming the ones answering the questions for once.



John Moe: It’s a special, miniature, sneak preview edition of Depresh Mode. I’m John Moe. I’m glad you’re here.

Transition: Spirited guitar.

John Moe: We wanted to give you a little sampling of what you can hear when you become a member of Depresh Mode at even the $5 a month level. You could get this if you’re at any level of giving $5 a month and up to Depresh Mode. It is part of our bonus content, and this was a special Ask Me Anything edition of the show, where the tables are turned a little bit. Instead of me asking questions of guests, it is our listeners asking questions of me. Some of these get pretty deep. Some of them are kind of fun. We have some actual listeners behaving as guests on this episode. And this is not available to the general public. No! This, along with all of our other bonus content, is available only to members of Maximum Fun. And so, if you become a member, you get access to this episode. And if you are a member, you get access to 600+ hours of bonus content from all across the spectrum of Maximum Fun—all the different shows putting out different things each year. You get the whole vault. That is available to you.

All you gotta do is go to We’re gonna give you a little taste here, just a little teaser, a little taste. And go to Join at any level that works for you, get access to the rest of the bonus content and get access to this entire episode. And for a moment, here’s the teaser. Enjoy.

Transition: Spirited acoustic guitar.

Katie Schnolis: Hi, it’s Depresh Mode. I’m Katie Schnolis. I’m glad you’re here.

Transition: Spirited acoustic guitar.

John Moe: Well, I’m glad to be here with you, Katie, and I’m ready for your questions. I have no answers prepared, because I don’t know what you’re asking. But go ahead.

Katie Schnolis: Okay. How does it feel to be in the hot seat, John?

John Moe: (Chuckles.) You know, when the book came out, when my book, Hilarious World of Depression came out, I did a lot of interviews. But that was coming up on four years ago. So, I’m a little rusty. I’m a little nervous. And I’m going to try to avoid talking too much like I often do when I’m nervous. So, I’ll just leave it at that.

Katie Schnolis: I totally get it. Maybe a month or two ago, I just finished listening to your audio book, The Hilarious World of Depression, and I loved it. I loved it. I loved it.

(John thanks Katie.)

One part was that I picked up on, and it was like a consistent undertone—sometimes more outright than others—of your love for music and your excitement for connecting music to your life and to the lives of other people around you or that you interview. What are some new—or maybe just new to you—artists or albums that are fitting into your life right now?

John Moe: I’ve been very fixated on The National for the last couple of years. I’ve found a bit of kismet, because they have a couple of songs from their recent albums that they recorded with Taylor Swift—one from a National album, one from a Taylor Swift album, that my 15-year-old daughter and I can now kind of converge and listen to music together. So, we’ve been enjoying that. I’ve been watching them, watching my kids. I have two kids in college as well, and kind of seeing what music they’re discovering and kind of going along with that. So, part of that is what led to having Noah Kahan on the show not too long ago.

Katie Schnolis: Heard it; that was so good.

John Moe: Yeah, and he’s so great. And you know, we’ve been enjoying his music a lot. There’s a band out of North Carolina that we’ve been enjoying here in my family, called Rainbow Kitten Surprise. And I think they’re out of—

(Katie laughs.)

I think they’re out of like Boone, North Carolina. I think it’s where maybe Appalachian State University is, something like that. It’s a remote college town. And it sounds like if you took a college band and just stuck them way up in the mountains for a long time, what would they come up with? And so, that’s been one that we’ve been listening to quite a bit.

Katie Schnolis: That sounds like something I have to listen to as soon as we’re done.

(John chuckles.)

Transition: Spirited acoustic guitar.

John Moe: Okay, so that was a little sample. To hear more of that episode, you need to become a member of Depresh Mode and of Maximum Fun. All you need to do is go to Join at the $5 a month level or up. If you join at $5 a month, you get the bonus content, you get the rest of that episode you just heard the teaser for, and you get all the bonus episodes from all the shows ever made on Maximum Fun. It’s really a wealth of things, a wealth of listening. And at the $10 a month level, you can get the “I’m glad you’re here” enamel pin from Depresh Mode. At $20, there’s more gifts. And I should point out, if you join at like $35 a month, you get the Maximum Bag—the biggest tote bag you’ve ever seen—plus, you get the bonus content, plus you get the pin. You get everything leading up to that higher level. So, it’s really a bargain. Go check out these gifts. Enjoy what you see there and figure out what level works for you, so we can send you stuff! Because we want to!

My thanks to our producers, Raghu Manavalan and Kevin Ferguson. I’m John Moe. Thank you for listening.

(Music fades out.)

Transition: Cheerful ukulele chord.

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