Judge John Hodgman Episode 339: Marco? Justice!


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Nate brings the case against his wife, Pam. They have just bought their first house and Pam wants to have a swimming pool installed. Nate says pools are too expensive and time consuming to maintain.


Submitted by Nate:

Dangerousness of pools:
Steven Levitt (Freakonomics guy): "Thus, on average, if you both own a gun and have a swimming pool in the backyard, the swimming pool is about 100 times more likely to kill a child than the gun is."

Financial impact:
"According to Houselogic.com, the National Association of Realtors' online magazine for homeowners, the average cost to install, equip, and fill a 600-square-foot concrete pool starts at $30,000."
"You’ll spend about $600 during the swimming season on chemicals if you maintain your pool yourself. If you live in a climate where you’ll use the pool year-round, budget $15–25 a week for DIY maintenance."


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