William Gibson, author of "Zero History": Interview on The Sound of Young America

William Gibson

William Gibson is a science fiction writer whose works increasingly take place in a realistic present. His latest book, Zero History, is about fashion, authenticity and identity. It's a freestanding third work in an informal trilogy, which also includes Pattern Recognition and Spook Country.



Gibson is probably my favorite author and I just went to a book signing of his two weeks ago in Calgary. I can't believe you got him on the show. Good job!

Great Interview!

Great Interview, really. I would Flattr it, if I could.

Totally novel spin on Gibson!

I got to where I was going but sat in the parking lot listing to this interview! I'm a big fan of Gibson's work going back to "Neuromancer," and you have brought out a totally unexpected side to his interest in fashion and branding and stuff, which has been very front and center for the last two novels, and now for this one too.
I thought your questions were quite insightful, Jesse, and will read this novel with a new sense of where Gibson is coming from, and who this Bigend (sp.?) character is. I hope I can figure out how to make *my* disconnects work for me!

Michael Kelly
Bedford Hills, NY