Nile Rodgers, Musician and Hit Producer: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Nile Rodgers

You might not recognize Nile Rodgers, who began his music career as part of the purposely faceless band Chic -- but you'd for sure know his music if you heard it. He founded Chic with bassist and friend Bernard Edwards, and launched a string of hits including "Le Freak" and "Good Times", and went on to become a songwriting and producing superstar with a tried-and-true formula.

The anthem "We are Family"? That's one of his, too. He was behind Diana Ross' "I'm Coming Out", David Bowie's "Let's Dance", Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and many more. Now, he reflects on decades of hitwriting, the legacy of disco, and the meaning of music in his life.

His new memoir, out now, is Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny.

Track list:

Le Freak- Chic- The Best of Chic
Good Times- Chic- The Best of Chic
Everybody Dance- Chic- The Best of Chic
My Feet Keep Dancing- Chic- The Best of Chic
I'm Coming Out- Diana Ross- Diana
Let's Dance- David Bowie- Let's Dance
New York City- I'm Doin' Fine Now [single]
Cold Gin- Kiss- Alive
Ladytron- Roxy Music- Roxy Music
Sister Sledge- We Are Family [single]


Nile Rodgers is my hero.

Nile Rodgers is my hero.


I've always respected Nile Rogers but knew little about his amazing personal life. This episode still makes me smile.

Boring comment but.....

I agree with everyone else.

This is one of the best interviews I've ever heard here or anywhere else in 20+ years of listening to publc radio.

Terry Gross look out

Nice work Jessie!

Such a fantastic and

Such a fantastic and fascinating interview. I especially liked how it talked about race and LGBTQ matters. It was another reminder of why I love TSOYA.

Jesse I have to say one of

I have to say one of the best interviews ever.

Great interview!

Thanks for this great interview! I am excited to read his book.

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