Langhorne Slim Interview & Performance on The Sound of Young America

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim is a singer-songwriter whose songs explore the more passionate side of traditional music. His newest album is "Be Set Free." He joined Jesse in the studio for a conversation about his music and a live performance.


The Sound of Young America

I just listened to the interview and music of Langhorne Slim and loved his music. Never having heard him before, I'd like to know where I can purchase his new album, "Be Set Free." Any help there?
Lee Gast

RE: to lee

pretty much anywhere online- itunes, amazon, etc... i'm a HUGE langhorne fan, but this album is a little somber to me. don't get me wrong, it's really good, just kinda sad at times. his previous self-titled album is amazing tho- and i never get tired of it.