Hanson: Interview on The Sound of Young America


The band Hanson hit it big as teenagers in the late 1990s with the megahit ​MmBop. More than a decade later, they're still making acclaimed R&B-infused pop rock. Their latest album is Shout It Out.

Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson were nominated for three Grammy awards for their album Middle of Nowhere in 1996. They never stopped recording, going independent in 2001. Shout It Out is their ninth album.



The last time I heard Hanson was Mmmbop! I have to admit when I started listening to this podcast I was ready to make fun of the band, but I love their latest album. I haven't listened to anything they've recorded (and was shocked to find out there were NINE albums) since their first cd, but this one is on heavy rotation in my car now. (This is my second time listening to this podcast...I went from making fun of them to being mildly obsessed with them) They are actually really cool guys! I can't believe I wrote them off as one hit wonder pop kids. They are seriously talented musicians, and they sound like really great/smart guys!

Hanson Interview

That was an awesome interview. The questions were really good and I always enjoy hearing Hanson talk about their experiences. The reference to the Japanese interviewer took me back because I remembered it from the Tulsa, Tokyo and the Middle of Nowhere video. Hanson has been a great band over the years and I hope they continue being true to themselves. ^_^