Gary Hustwit, Director of the Design Documentary "Objectified": Interview on The Sound of Young America

Gary Hustwit

Gary Hustwit is a documentary filmmaker. His first film, "Helvetica," focused on the history of the iconic font. His newest, "Objectified," is about the process of consumer design. It's currently touring theaters, and will run on PBS this fall.

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Everything around us is designed.

I look at everything in great detail, from typefaces used on signs to logo designs on trucks to how badly my microwave's buttons are arranged.

As a designer, we should be paying attention to all the details. The problem is, like Gary says, there are so many things that we touch everyday that are designed and manufactured. It can drive a designer insane.

This was a great interview!

Brad Cooper

I want that song.

I want that song that plays at the end of the interview.

Do you release CDs of the songs that you choose to use?

Do you list their titles anywhere? Are they for sale?