Devo's Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh: Interview on The Sound of Young America

Gerald Casale
Mark Mothersbaugh

Gerald Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh are founding members of the art-rock band Devo. They had remarkable chart success in the early 1980s, including the hit Whip It. Their philosophy of devolution, compelling videos and bold aesthetic presentation were as big a part of the band as their danceable rock music. Their latest record, Something For Everybody, is their first since 1990.​

Gerry and Mark talk with us about how they arrived at their theory that mankind was on an inexorable downward slide, and how playing rock and roll music in crazy outfits fit into that philosophical framework. They also chat about the philosophy behind their new project. On "Something For Everybody," every song has been focus grouped, and every element of presentation has been selected for maximum saleability. Also, they talk about that Swiffer commercial where "Whip It" was changed to "Swiff It."



Im Marcos from south Brazil...and im Devo fan since early 80s!!!Hey guys...what about some gigs down here??? Porto Alegre is my city...Cheers!!!

Cool DEVO!

I have been a fan since I first saw them on SNL. You learn something new every time these guys give a interview.

Swiffer Commercial and Devo

Mark's comment about how Devo can use an inane commercial like Swiffer to spread the word about the band and its message made me smile because it is absolutely true in my case! I knew Devo from the 1980s but never really focused on them. When I saw the Swiffer commercial a couple of years ago it piqued my curiosity. When I saw their videos online I was absolutely blown away by their creativity. Now I'm a huge fan!


This is by far the most insightful discussion I've heard that Mark & Jerry have done in support of "Something For Everybody." Thanks so much for this conversation.

I hope fans listening in here will join us for the annual gathering this August in Cleveland-

DEVOtional 2010- A Decade of DEVOtion:

Devo ROCKS!!

Yayyyyyyy DEVO! I loved them back in high school, when they were "new", and I had no idea they just released a cd, which I ordered today. Great interview! :-D


This interview almost makes up for jesse's Polar bear Toenails.

Best Devo interview ever

Thanks for getting the guys to sit down together and really bring the roots of the project to light. De-Evolution is Real!