Comedy: Rob Baedeker's Chemistry Lecture


Rob Baedeker, from the comedy group Kasper Hauser, joins us to share the ground-breaking lecture he gave on the subject of chemistry, at the California Institute of Technology. Basically, any lecture ever given in the history of chemistry has been rolled into one. This one.


Rob Baedecker is giving out mis-information. NOT FUNNY!!

Comedy is one thing. Mis-information is something else. Defining an element as a molecule is not the best possible definition for an element.

Worse, Mr. Baedecker said that "the first element of the periodic table is water"- well water is a molecule, made up of TWO elements, hydrogen (the first element of the periodic table, as a background person correctly said and was incorrectly dismissed, and oxygen, #16.

Chemistry is hard enough for most americans without dishing out WRONG information.

Not worthy of your program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


God I love that comment almost as much as I love the reading.