Trends Like These

Trends Like These is a weekly round-up of what's trending on social media and all over the internet. We'll prepare you to chat around the water cooler about celeb Twitter beefs, mysteriously colored dresses, flat Earth, Starbucks cups and so much more! We'll dig past the clickbait headlines to try to get to the real story! Brought to you every Friday by Travis McElroy, Brent Black and Courtney Enlow. We're real life friends talking 'bout internet trends!

Sam Smith, Erin Andrews, Donald Trump Update, Super Tuesday


Welcome to another super-charged episode! This week, Sam Smith failed to fact check his Oscar speech! Erin Andrews's legal battle continues with a suit against Marriott. Donald Trump received a questionable endorsement that he was unwilling to disavow. Also, we have the results from Super Tuesday! All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week!

Apple vs FBI, Political Round Up, FreeKesha, Hitler's Genitals

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Hello Cool Kids! Thanks for stopping by! Ol' Uncle Brent is having a few neck issues and is on a few muscle relaxers this week. Travis is normal, but insists that Brent has two butts. Apple is fighting back against orders to create a program to hack phones. Brent shares some Primary updates with us! Kesha took a hit in her ongoing legal battle this week. Historians and doctors have made some discoveries about Hitler's genitalia. All that, plus a Wi-Five! Sit back and relax!

Kanye in Debt, Political News Round Up, The Grammy Awards, Anti-Trans SD Bill

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Hello Cool Kids! Boy, oh boy!! Are we ever excited! This is our first official episode and we are jazzed! That old rascal Kanye West is back in the news again and he's tweeting about his personal debt! Supreme Court vacancies, and news of Bernie and Hillary neck-and-neck make up our political news round up! Another Grammy Awards have come and gone, it was full of crazy performances, surprise awards and lots of weird mistakes! Finally, South Dakota is working on a bill that prevents transgender students from using the bathrooms of their choosing. In this week's Wi-Five, an Indian doctor is changing the cultural perception of having a female baby single-handed!

New Hampshire, That'swhatshesaid, Follow Ups, Super Bowl


Hey cool kids! How the heck are you?! It feels like it's been 168 hours since we last talked. What have you been doing? Oh yeah? Well, we've been busy too. Busy doing what you ask? Well, this this episode for example! We talk about the results of the New Hampshire primary! Then, we talk about the theatre project That'swhatshesaid and the cease and desist letters they've been receiving. We've got follow ups on the Return of Kings story, the Fine Brothers and the Michigan sodomy laws! Finally, we've got all the wrap up you need regarding the Super Bowl! ...except, like, anything about the actual game. All that, plus the Wi-Five of the Week! So like I said, busy week for us!