Thank You Notes

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Thank you so much for joining us for our first episode! This one is all about Thank You Notes! Are they out dated? When should you write one? What do they need to say? Teresa is going to answer all your questions (and more!) while Travis finds ways to make gratitude beneficial for YOU! We'll also share the history of thank you notes as well as some historical examples! Consider this episode our present to you! Want to say "Thank You"? Just share us with a friend!


History of utensils

Hi! I am an anthropologist.
It is not my speciality but, as far as I know, knives were the standard utensil for eons. Keep in mind that a "knife" can be made of a lot of things and relatively easily: a shard of stone, bone, antler, flint, obsidian, etc., can be easily sharpened or knapped (little bits broken off) against a similarly hard substance to make a sharp blade. Hands are also super good utensils. The earliest forks I'm aware of are from Rome and are often found either with actual or "simulated" hinges so that fancy diners could fold them and bring them out to eat (same for spoons and knives in sets), but I bet there are far older versions from the far east. Think of an early fork like two pointy knives held against each other and it doesn't take long to come to the idea. For spoons (and as you mentioned) you have to consider its usage: there is some speculation that soup existed before a certain point in time. In European prehistory, at least, "cooking" as we know it (and excluding roasting) largely took place in a number of smallish, unglazed vessels and was very unlikely to have included much liquid (as the liquid would have burned into the somewhat porous vessels and/or leaked through into the fire). The earliest example of soup/stew I can think of would likely be Greek but, again, the far east, Egypt, or perhaps central/south American cultures may have earlier examples. I would expect that first cups were utilized in place of larger spoons/ladles before a purpose utensil was eventually designed and came into common usage.
Hope that helps! Love the new show and especially how adorable, awesome, and accomplished all the Mrs. McElroys are in comparison to their lovably goofy hubbies!