Past Events

So much of what makes MaxFun special comes from our two communities: of artists, who create beautiful, hilarious, and inspiring work, and of audiences, who support that work, coalesce around it, and sometimes reflect that creativity back to the artists. In doing so, members of the audience often find community in each other.

Over the years, live events have served as opportunities to bring these communities together.

MaxFunCon BG

MaxFunCon 2014. Photo by Kenneth Lecky

In 2009, the first MaxFunCon was held in Lake Arrowhead, California. As Maximum Fun’s first event, MaxFunCon was an experiment that would lead to eleven subsequent years of MaxFunCons, including a few jaunts into the Poconos for MaxFunCon East. The event was completely unique: a weekend-long event, bringing together experts, artists, and audience members for classes, performances, lectures, and the most incredible dance party. Oh, and also s’mores.

The final MaxFunCon was held in the summer of 2022, having been twice-delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company remains committed to finding ways to bring our audience together for magical experiences. In the future, we hope to do so in ways that can reach more people, at a more accessible price-point than what we could offer in Lake Arrowhead. At the same time, MaxFunCon will always be a rich source of memories and inspiration.

Our future plans can also take inspiration from Very Very Fun Day, a one-day podcasting extravaganza held in Chicago in 2017. MaxFun has also organized two comedy and music cruises. Every year, shows on the network do dozens of live performances, and our community is extended by local MaxFun groups throughout the U.S. and the world.