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Looking for info on MaxFun Meetup Day?

Every year during the MaxFunDrive, MaxFun fans across the world get together for a meetup! This year’s MaxFun Meetup Day is on Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm local. Click here to see a list of cities holding virtual meetups and to learn more about this fun event!


About Our Community

Maximum Fun is grateful to have a kind, smart, and generous community. Our audience cares deeply about the shows, the world at large, and each other. So much so, that MaxFunsters all across the globe have formed meetup groups in order to connect with each other in person. If you’d like to meet some fellow fans, find your local group in the map below. And if you’d like to get in touch with Maximum Fun, click any of those social media buttons, or sign up to receive our MaxFun HQ newsletter. Thanks for being a part of our community – we couldn’t do it without you!

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Join the Reddit

Join MaxFunsters over on the Maximum Fun Reddit page to discuss recent episodes, MaxFun news, and more! The Reddit is mostly run by fans, but MaxFun HQ staff pop in regularly.

Join an Unofficial MaxFun Local Facebook Group

Wish you could hang out with more MaxFunsters in real life? Find your town on our map of unofficial MaxFun local Facebook groups below. Then click the icon to join the group so you can talk to local pals and attend meetups throughout the year. You can also click the button in the upper left corner of the map to view a list of towns if that’s easier.

Don’t see your town? Set up a Facebook group for your town, then email to have it added to this page!