Ross and Carrie Remember Tony Alamo (Part One): No Skirts Allowed


New episode! Ross and Carrie go undercover in Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, a cult led by an imprisoned child sex abuser and one-time denim jacket manufacturer. Join them as they board a creepy unmarked van and head into rural southern California to learn about why environmentalism is Satanic, girls can get married when they are as young as six, and you can never get saved too many times!

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alamo ministries

Love your show,I was there when I was 15 back in 1970 its nothing like it was back in the day when there was a lot more looks like they'll probably loose their property from what I've been reading on the website tony alamo news that's covering what's been going on with them. Love to hear more from you Ross and carrie you guys rock.

Alamo Foundation

Great podcast and I was laughing along with the two of you for the most part. Having lived there for about 4 years ( circa 1969 ) I would have to say that I think your reporting was very fair and accurate. It's as if nothing had changed since I left. Taking your own car was a smart move though. Back in the day, if they had sniffed you out as a reporter ... ah, let's just say, you would have been ousted with much fanfare - literally. The band had a bombastic, vaudevillian style number they would play on cue if a 'infiltrator' or unauthorized reporter was detected. While this was being played you would get strong-armed out of the church. It was about the only laugh we might get back then.

alamo/by witt.

lol' I was there till 1984..yep ya all had me in sticthes..for both broadcasts..I used to use tony alamo cut ups on my radio show back in 89' and threw a big ass TONYS GOING AWAY 08'? yep we played his sick sex sermons to the un-learned youth..they were dumb founded..yea we have a tape of that party..if you ever need some funny back up storys Iv' tons of them..p.s. I know the real names of the people you talk' remember the Bible sez COMPFORT THE FEEBL MINDED and viset the sick..thats a commandment..and boy oh boy did that place have a ton of them..yea I learned how to be a perfect weazel there..praise the lord..


Tony Alamo news is supposed to be an anti cult site,Tony Alamo married and raped girls as young as 8 ,he is in prison for the rest of his life.but people enabled him to commit this .Tony also had members hold people down and had them beat till they bled.yesterday I started to expose these people on the Tony Alamo news site.some one on the site threatened my life and then as i was about to name names the site blocked me.Why.......I will not keep my mouth shut...These enablers must be exposed.....