Ross and Carrie Inventory Their Personalities: Myers-Briggs Edition


Ross and Carrie take the most popular personality inventory (do NOT call it a test!) to find out what makes them tick. Is personality testing just an unscientific fad, or does it really reveal insight into what makes us all different? Are there exactly 16 kinds of people? Is Carrie secretly introverted and living a lie? Does Ross have commitment problems? You might think these questions couldn't be answered by a random stranger, BUT THEY CAN.

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Personality tests for jobs

You sort of mentioned this can happen at the end of this episode, but personally have been bitten by the mandatory personality test when I tried applying for a job at a hospital. I answered honestly figuring they must be looking for hard workers who they can trust around sensitive information and controlled substances, knowing this wasn't an issue for me. Shockingly I was told I "failed" and was not even eligible for interviews. Really annoyed I did some googling- it turns out many companies now actively screen out introverts (like me), though they'd never admit it. I guess they figure introverts won't be part of the office gang or provide warm enough customer service. I find this really revolting. However, in the few times I've applied with other big hospitals I was equally truthful except I played extrovert. I always got an interview. Just a helpful hint to pass along!

I Got Hitler (Best Comment Title Evar)

Just listened to this episode. Hitler is categorized as an ENTJ. It makes me profoundly uncomfortable whenever I get those assessments back. My grad school had a strange obsession with the Meyers Briggs assessment. Also, my experience, in practice, has been that people telling you about personality types definitely have an opinion about the relative merits between them on a universalized scale.