A photo of the view from MaxFunHQ of MacArthur Park and downtown LA, with the words "We're hiring! Full Charge Bookkeeper!" overlaid on top of the photo

We’re hiring! Plus: MaxFunDrive gifts and live shows!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 29th June 2022

Want to work at MaxFun? We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a Full Charge Bookkeeper! Our previous Bookkeeper, Steph, recently moved on to a new exciting opportunity, so we’re working on trying to fill her shoes. The Bookkeeper will have primary accounting responsibilities at MaxFun, as well as assist with basic HR duties and other special requests. It’s a great opportunity to learn a bunch about the business side of podcasting. If this sounds like the job for you, please read more and apply here. And please share that link with anyone that you think might be a good fit! Thanks!

MaxFunDrive gifts have been sent to production!

Thank you again to everyone who joined, boosted, upgraded, or maintained your membership during this year’s MaxFunDrive! Because of your ongoing support, staff and MaxFun shows will be able to plan for the year knowing we’ll have consistent contributions coming in. We really appreciate it! This update is partially to thank you again, but mostly to let new and upgrading members know that we’ve sent the MaxFunDrive thank-you gifts and patches to production! If you’d like to read all of the details, please head over to this blog post.

Live events!

We just held our last MaxFunCon for the foreseeable future earlier this month, and I heard it was a really wonderful time! You can even enjoy Carrie Poppy’s MaxFunCon class in the Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast feed, or this short video Mat Ricardo made of his time there. But enough about the past, here’s what’s coming up in the future!

  • Judge John Hodgman
    • New York, NY – Wed, June 29 at 8pm ET ft. guest Jean Grae. Tonight! FREE! Outdoors!
  • The Greatest Generation
  • The Flop House
    • Brooklyn, NY – Sun, August 7 at 7:30pm ET talking about Morbius
  •  Beef and Dairy Network Podcast
  • My Brother, My Brother and Me
  • The Adventure Zone
  • The Dave Hill Goodtime Hour
    • Streaming – every Monday at 8pm ET on Twitch

That’s it for this month! Thanks for reading!