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Stuff We’re Up To – April 3

Wherever this situation finds you—be it alone at home, at home with friends or family, or out working an essential job (thank you!)—we have lots of stuff going on to help keep you company.

Posted by Stacey Molski on 3rd April 2020

First off, we really want to know what we can do to help you right now. We hope your favorite MaxFun shows have been keeping you company during this very strange and challenging time. What else can we do to make you laugh, give you some comfort, or maybe just distract you from the news? Please click here to fill out our very brief survey!

Here’s a recap of some extra fun stuff that’s been happening recently:

Maximum Fun Classics Feed

Maximum Fun Classics LogoLast week, we launched  a new, limited-run podcast feed showcasing classic episodes from various MaxFun shows. It’s a great way to revisit old favorites, find new ones, or get your housemates hooked on Maximum Fun! We’ll keep adding new (old) shows to it for a while, so be sure to subscribe! You can add the RSS feed to your favorite podcatcher or stream via our website. Enjoy!

Livestreams, extra recordings, and online shows from MaxFun hosts!

Virtual events:

Dr. Gameshow Fancast on Zoom
Hosts Mark Gagliardi, Hal Lublin, Janet Varney, and Ben Blacker all took part in:
The Thrilling Adventure Hour Livestream

What’s coming up next:

Travis McElroy’s Virtual Cincinnati Underground Secret Society
Stuart and Sharlene Wellington are Remote Bartending
We Got This Clean Slate Live

Dr. Gameshow recordings at 2pm EST and 4pm EST
Stonecutter Simpsons Trivia

Janet Varney Reading and Q&A

Be sure to check out our events calendar to keep up to date as new events get added!

We’d like to hear from you!

How are you doing? What are you up to?  Email April (our amazing new Director of Development and Membership who just joined us a couple of weeks ago!) at with your photos and stories about where you are enjoying MaxFun content and how you’re spending your time (even if it’s just taking 10 minutes to hide from your kids in the bathroom). We’d love to share your stories and photos with the MaxFun community!

Here’s what MaxFun staff members are up to!

portrait of Kira smiling with short blond hairKira Gowan, Ad Operations Specialist (She/Her)
Kira has been making clay masks this week!

“My pottery studio is closed, so I’ve been working on smaller projects at home. I figured, if I can’t invite friends over, I might as well make some new friends.”