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June 9 Newsletter: Resources, reading, and listening

Posted by Stacey Molski on 9th June 2020

This week we’ve got some reading material for you, a list of resources you might find useful, and some more suggested listening.

Important reading:

Screenshot of title of the article "Racism is Everyday, Every Day" by Jarrett Hill. "This is the start of something that we can all be a part of, that we can all benefit from, that we can all be proud of"

FANTI host Jarrett Hill wrote an article that everyone should read: Racism is Everyday, Every Day. In it, Jarrett outlines the ongoing trauma that experiencing racism every day causes Black people, and he encourages Black folks to share their stories of #Everyday racism on Twitter.

As Jarrett says: “White people often address racism (when they do at all) as if it is something that occurs on an occasional, isolated-incident basis. But racism in America exists almost everywhere, on every day, because it is where this country started.”

Please set aside some some time this week to go on Twitter and read through those stories. And to keep conversations like this in your feed every day, follow FANTI on Twitter and Instagram, and of course, subscribe to the show.

Ways to support:

Maximum Fun hosts have been using their podcasts and events to help to raise money for various organizations. We thought it might be helpful to list some of those organizations here in case you’d like to donate, too:

For more suggestions or ways to take action if you don’t have money to spare right now, you can view the carrd that a 17-year-old activist named Nico put together: There you’ll find petitions to sign, places you can text/ call, resources for protesting and more.

AND register to vote or check to make sure you’re registered!

Suggested listening:

In addition to their usual Friday episodes, Minority Korner has started releasing extra episodes every Tuesday, where they dip into the archives to revisit topics that are important to the moment. Today James shared a conversation with original Minority Korner co-host/co-creator Nnekay FitzClarke. Take a half-hour to listen to Nnekay tell the story of the Greenwood Massacre (sometimes known as the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921) and be sure to subscribe.


You already read a bit about FANTI in that first section, but I wanted to highlight their recent episode: Tired. (With Special Guest Dr. Joy DeGruy). Jarrett and Tre’vell break format a little bit to discuss the worldwide protests, as well as the collective and individual trauma of Black people. They also discuss ways you can help and organizations you can donate to, which are listed with the resources above and in the episode’s show notes.


Last week, Sawbones discussed Medical Racism and Protest Safety. If you’re attending protests, you might want to check out some tips about how to stay safe. This week, they released an episode on The Black Panthers and Public Health and highlighted the work the Black Panthers did for medical research advocacy and public health programs. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you received a white-centric education, like I know I did.



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Keep listening, learning, and helping. That’s what I’m trying to do, too. Take care!


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