Gift update, Webby Awards, and special guests!

Posted by C.N. Josephs on 25th April 2024

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For all of our members who joined or upgraded during MaxFunDrive 2024, we’ve got an update on gift fulfillment! But first, some exciting show news…

Black People Love Paramore won a Webby!

Congrats to host Sequoia Holmes and producer Palmira Muñiz!


Black People Love Paramore Webbys 2024 People's Voice Winner

Black People Love Paramore, a podcast by Sequoia Holmes about the niche interests of Black people, joined MaxFun late last year. We think the show was a stellar addition to the network, and it seems like the people agree—they just won the People’s Voice for Podcasts – Interview/Talk Show!

“We celebrate all the hard work Sequoia’s put into the show over the years and I can’t wait to see it reach the highest of heights. Black People Love Paramore was able to cultivate a pivotal moment in music, and that interview will go down in pop culture history.”

— Palmira Muñiz, producer of Black People Love Paramore

If you haven’t listened to the show yet and aren’t sure where to dive in, how about starting with one of Sequoia’s personal favorites: Black People Love Phrases, Idioms, and Colloquialisms, featuring former FANTI hosts (and recent NAACP Image Award winnersjarrett hill and Tre’vell Anderson!

→ Listen to the episode

And, for even more Webby excitement: Tights and Fights co-host Danielle Radford co-wrote Honest Trailers: Barbie, which came away from the Webbys with both the Viral Video and People’s Voice for Best Writing awards!

Congrats, Danielle!

Danson on Dairy, Buscemi on Bullseye

Two MaxFun shows just had some legendary guests.

Ted Danson and Benjamin Partridge recording together.

After years of jokes, the actor Ted Danson had a (real, actual) guest role as himself (sort of) on Beef and Dairy Network Podcast. If you’re a fan of Beef and Dairy, you absolutely need to hear this one—and even if you’ve never listened to the show, this is a great standalone episode! I mean, who doesn’t want to hear Ted Danson very seriously demand repayment of his grain debt?

→  The actor Ted Danson on Beef & Dairy

Steve Buscemi Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Moving from comedy over to culture, Jesse Thorn recently interviewed actor Steve Buscemi for Bullseye. It’s a really fantastic interview—check it out now!

→  Steve Buscemi on Bullseye

MaxFunDrive 2024 gifts are in production!

All of the gifts are either being produced as we speak or will be entering production shortly, so your pins, game sets, and other goodies will be on their way to you soon. Are you excited? We’re excited!

We’ll reach out again when we’re closer to shipping so you can make sure your mailing address is up to date. If you’d like to know more about our production timeline (and why we can’t send gifts out as soon as the Drive is over), click below for a quick primer!

→  MaxFunDrive gift fulfillment

If you missed out on this year’s MaxFunDrive, you can still access our most popular MaxFunDrive gift: any time of year, you can get access to 600+ hours of bonus content from all of your favorite shows for just $5 a month.

→  Become a member

That’s all for now! See you next month with more exciting news.

— Your friends at MaxFun

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