February 27th Newsletter: It’s Almost That Time!

Posted by MaxFun Staff on 27th February 2023

Hello again!

I know I’m back pretty quickly here, but holy moly do we have a lot of cool stuff to share with you this month! The good news just keeps coming and the best is yet to come!

MaxFunDrive is March 20 – 31!

The MaxFunDrive 2023 logo. A vintage inspired teal-green font with the words Max Fun Drive stacked, and two swoops of lighter green on either side

In three weeks, MaxFunDrive will return! And so will MaxFun Meetup Day! MaxFunDrive 2023 will take place from March 20 to March 31. We’re cooking up some really special things for you this year so we wanted to let you know a bit earlier than we usually do.

MaxFunDrive is a two-week-long podcast party jam-packed with the best shows of the year, limited edition thank-you gifts, livestream events, new bonus content, and a ton of fun shenanigans.

It’s also the one time of year when our network and hosts come together to directly ask for the support needed to keep making the shows you love. We are so, so grateful for everyone who has supported us, continues to support us, and for everyone who listens to our shows.

So tune into your favorite shows from March 20 to 31 and get ready to get THANKED. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

John Hodgman and Elliott Kalan’s new miniseries Be Podding You is out now!

The Be Podding You logo. An illustration of a glasses-wearing man in a black turtleneck, black jacket, tan khakis running from a large white orb that has glasses and facial hair similar to John Hodgman

During last year’s MaxFunDrive, John Hodgman (Judge John Hodgman) and Elliott Kalan (The Flop House) promised that if MaxFun hit a membership goal, they’d make a special podcast about The Prisoner. Thanks to your generous support, we did!

So… SURPRISE! We just released their special new miniseries called Be Podding You!

John and Elliot agreed that the innovative ’60s British TV series The Prisoner was ahead of its time and deserved a rewatch. You may remember I, Podius–their first foray into the very specific genre that is MaxFunDrive thank-you podcasts based on rewatching an old British TV show/miniseries. If you enjoyed that one, you’ll be happy to know that we got the whole team back together for Be Podding You! Jordan Kauwling is once again producing, Adam Koford created the art , and we’ve got another incredible theme song from Paul F. Tompkins to greet you in every episode.

All four episodes are available now!

MaxFun Meetup Day returns on March 23!

For the first time since 2019, MaxFun Meetup Day is happening IRL! MaxFunsters from all over the world will be meeting up with other local audience members to turn their love of podcasts into friendship. Say hi to old friends, make some new ones, or just use it as an excuse to get out of your home for a little bit.

If you’d like to get a MaxFun Meetup going in your city, pick a place with enough room for a group and email cn@maximumfun.org with your name, city, state, and venue. We’ll add it to our list at maximumfun.org/meetups2023. That link will also take you to some great resources, including a handy kit with some sample activities, suggested COVID precautions, and other top tips. But remember: the meetup doesn’t have to be fancy; all it really takes is picking a place and being a welcoming face!

I’ll be back again soon with a fun event for you to pencil in on your calendars. Until then, be sure to follow your favorite shows and @MaxFunHQ on Instagram and Twitter (or TikTok or Facebook or wherever you can find shows and hosts!). You can find a lot of that info on their show pages on maximumfun.org, or just by searching for them on your app of choice.

Thank you!
– Your friends at Maximum Fun


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