February 22nd Newsletter: A New Show Just For You!

Posted by MaxFun Staff on 22nd February 2023

We’ve got a brand new show for all you sleepyheads out there!

New Show: Sleeping with Celebrities debuts on Maximum Fun!

Can’t sleep? Maybe you count sheep or turn on a white noise machine…but what if you could listen to your favorite celebrities lull you to sleep instead? John Moe to the rescue! He’s the host of the brand new show Sleeping with Celebrities, and the first episode just came out today! Every Wednesday, John talks with a different guest from the world of entertainment about topics they know a whole lot about. His first guest is a doozy. The topic is a…doze-y.

The subjects are guaranteed to be just interesting enough to distract you from that one thing you said to your co-worker three months ago (it’s fine, honestly, they don’t remember), but never interesting enough to keep you awake. No drama and no big reveals, just quiet dialogue, deadpan comedy and a ticket to dreamland.

So subscribe and download the first episode, and tonight, drift off to special guest Andy Daly’s discussion of yardwork. It will be a totally unmemorable experience, but one we think you’re going to love. maximumfun.org/podcasts/sleeping-with-celebrities.

(Sound familiar? That’s because the idea for the show originated from BoCo that John made for his other show on the network, Depresh Mode with John Moe, for the last MaxFunDrive! If you’re a member, you can go enjoy that out, too!)

A new season of FANTI starts March 2!

FANTI hosts and journalists jarrett hill and Tre’vell Anderson have been taking a little hiatus from regular programming for the month of February (but they’ve been giving us all minisodes, and I’m sure they would want to remind you that Black History is Happening Every Day). The hosts and producers Laura and Palmira are gearing up for the next season of the show, which kicks off on March 2nd, and will feature a brand new look but the same great conversations about the complex and complicado in our lives.

In the meantime, here’s a handy checklist list for you all:


In the chat with MaxFunHQ: Sleeping with Celebrities edition

To celebrate the launch of Sleeping with Celebrities, we asked HQ staff what topics they would discuss if they were guests on the show. Here are the answers, presented with little fanfare:

  • Julian: How I spent most of my senior year of high school crafting the perfect Pokemon team using the game’s very specific math and build-based training systems. Like my friends and I had spreadsheets devoted to the practice.
  • Valerie: I could probably rattle off an entire SwC episode about The Transformers: The Movie (1986) off the cuff with no prep.
  • April:  The northern Nevada economy.
  • Tabatha: Fatbergs. Anything sewer related, really.
  • Stacey: I told my partner about this and was trying to think of my topic and he was like ‘maybe your topic should just be you talking about all the topics you might want to do’…
  • Kevin: Beans recipes.
  • Danny: I guess the board game Monopoly.
  • Marissa: I could probably do some Sweet Valley High minutiae, like character names and bios and relationships.
  • Gabe: A visit to my favorite antique mall in my hometown of Allentown, PA. I could describe every single shop in the mall with very long lists of the items.
  • Christian: I don’t think I can participate because I’m just such a charismatic guy and great speaker I just inherently make everything super interesting. [editorial note: there’s no avoiding this section, Christian, but good try. I did tell him I was putting this in the newsletter!]

If you want to do a casual hang with HQ staff, you can catch some of us on March 3rd at 4pm on MaxFun’s YouTube channel. Maybe you can get folks to talk about some of these things at the end of the hang so you can take a little nap.

What would your topic be for Sleeping with Celebrities? Let us know!

Thanks for reading! We’ll be back again QUITE soon (less than six days) to release a special surprise!
– Your friends at Maximum Fun