A new season, a new name, a new Bookkeeper, and a new job posting for a Production Fellow!

Posted by Stacey Molski on 17th October 2022

Hi and happy October!

Today we’ve got news from three shows; we’re looking for a Fall 2022-2023 Production Fellow; an intro to HQ’s new Bookkeeper; and some inspiration for what to do with your MaxFunDrive patches. Let’s get to it!

Two new beginnings and one fond farewell

A new season of The Adventure Zone has just begun!

The Adventure Zone: Steeplechase–the fifth main campaign of this actual-play podcast–has just kicked off! And for the first time, Justin McElroy is taking the reins as Game Master! If you’re not familiar with the game system they’re using (Blades in the Dark), don’t worry. The season begins with a setup episode where Justin explains the game mechanics and introduces the setting: an immersive theme park. This season is right up my alley. If you’ve never listened to The Adventure Zone before, now’s the perfect time to start! The setup episode and Episode 1 are out now wherever you get podcasts.

Greatest Trek is the latest Trek!

The Greatest Discovery is now Greatest Trek! What started with Ben and Adam covering Star Trek: Discovery has turned into so much more, and now they’ve got a new name and a shiny new logo to show it. Right now they’re on Season 3 of Lower Decks if you want to jump in there, or you can go back and enjoy episodes covering PicardProdigyStrange New Worlds, and more!

Mission to Zyxx just wrapped up with its two-part series finale!

Mission to Zyxx just ended its five-season run with a spectacular two-part finale, including a live listening party for the last episode. I really enjoyed getting to hang out in that chat and watch fans react in real time to all the twiiiiiists. We’ve loved being a home to this crew for the past few years, and we can’t wait to see what they do next! They know they’re always welcome at MaxFun.

We’re looking for a Fall 2022-2023 Production Fellow!

MaxFun is looking for California-based candidates to be our next Production Fellow! We really love being able to run this paid year-long program dedicated to training folks who are starting out in (or transitioning to) a career in audio production. Fellows work full-time gaining experience with all aspects of production, including assisting with writing scripts, research, booking, engineering recordings, editing audio, getting material broadcast and podcast-ready, writing content for our blog, and managing and curating social media for our shows. Applicants should have a strong interest in audio and a curiosity about the world. Our job will be to train you in the skills needed for audio production. Past Fellows have gone on to a variety of roles in audio at companies including Team Coco, Spoke Media, Dipsea, and Maximum Fun.

Find out more and apply by Sunday, October 23. Please share this with anyone that you think might be interested!

Meet our new Bookkeeper: Kylee Shimomura!

Please help us welcome our new Bookkeeper, Kylee Shimomura! Kylee has a background in accounting as you might expect, and she is not shy about her love of spreadsheets which will certainly come in handy. But she also appreciates all things creative, especially creative writing which she enjoys spending time doing. Kylee’s excited to be working in our industry now, and we’re thrilled to have her on the team! I’m going to just wrap up with a line she wrote in her bio, because I think you’ll see why she fits in so well here at MaxFun: “She believes very strongly that maintaining positivity, compassion, and wholesome chaos is the best way to exist in every moment.” That’s the stuff.

Cool things to do with your MaxFunDrive patch!

It looks like many of you have gotten patches from MaxFunDrive or the post-Drive sale–though a few are still on their way to our friends outside of the US. So, you may be looking for inspiration on how to display them. Earlier this year, our Operations Specialist K.T. Wiegman (who also has been a stunt performer for TV and movies–that’s not at all related but I think it’s extremely cool and I want you all to know) made a truly delightful series of tutorials about ways to display your MaxFun patches.

Here are some great examples from that tutorial and a few nice photos from MaxFunsters:

A grey hat with a patch that says "Clerkis M'Derkis" with a dog that looks like Norm from Cheers, and a green hat with a patch that has a pile of books covered in some green goo. The books say "We are book club"

MaxFunster @davebrarian repurposed old hats to make room for Clerkis M’Derkis and Book Club! Instructions for gluing a patch to a hat.

A mason jar with three small pennants with patches sticking out of it.

K.T. made these adorable pennants that currently live on the table at MaxFunHQ. Instructions.

A hexagonal corkboard full of pins and patches arranged neatly

MaxFun member @SpicyFemme displays both pins and patches on the classiest looking cork board I’ve seen!

A green khaki backpack with patches neatly stitched on

@greenleafgeek made her stitches part of the art when she added her patches onto her work backpack. Similar instructions for iron-on/sewing.

A round black magnet with a lovely patch glued onto it

Turn your patch into a magnet with some glue! Instructions.

A wall hanging with many patches and pins attached.

Pins and patches can live together in harmony on this wall hanging. Instructions.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all get to enjoy some tricks and some treats this month! Don’t do anything too spooky, like forgetting to register to vote in time for the midterm elections happening on November 8 if you’re a US citizen eligible to vote, ok bye!