Stuff We’re Up To – April 10

Thank you so much to all the folks that had a chance to take our survey last week! We’re going to keep it open in case you didn’t have the time to check it out yet. So many of you folks were kind enough to check in on US while we were checking in on YOU. You’re the best! Here’s a list of fun stuff we did last week and what’s coming up.

Posted by Stacey Molski on 10th April 2020

Thank you so much to all the folks that had a chance to take our survey last week! We’re going to keep it open in case you didn’t have the time to check it out yet. So many of you folks were kind enough to check in on US while we were checking in on YOU. You’re the best!

We’re all working remotely and our hosts and producers have done a really incredible job transitioning to recording outside of the studio. We’re still trying out all of our options for video conferencing and recording, so the show audio might not always be what you’re used to, but we’re doing our best to consistently bring you the highest quality shows we can. We’ve enjoyed looking through all of the suggestions that have come in from the survey so far, and we’re working on planning some more great stuff for you all!

Updates from shows

Mission to Zyxx is changing things up! They’ll be moving to a bi-weekly schedule for fresh episodes, but they’re starting a new project called Mission to Zyxx Live Listens. Today at 1pm PT, the cast will be listening along to Ep 101: All Hail The Federated Alliance on YouTube live, sharing behind-the-scenes info, and chatting with the audience. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and then head there to watch it this afternoon!
Sawbones host Dr. Sydnee McElroy made a really helpful video about cloth masks that you should all watch if you live in a place (like LA) where you need to wear a mask if you absolutely have to go outside. Also, let’s just take a second to appreciate that Dr. Sydnee McElroy is a real life hero. And if you are a health care worker, so are you. Thank you!
The Flop House generally puts out an episode every other week, but lately they’ve been trying out something new and dropping mini-episodes on their off weeks. There are 4 mini-eps so far and you can listen to them all here.
Heat Rocks dropped a Bonus Beats episode in between scheduled episodes this week where host Oliver Wang answers questions from fans. They’re hoping to do a couple more eps like this, so keep an eye out!
Troubled Waters released a “Play At Home” edition where you and the folks in your home can play along! If you’d like to record yourself playing along, send a video to to @Troubledpod, or email them at
Go Fact Yourself has changed up their show a little bit since they can’t record in front of a live audience as they usually do. They brought back the very first guest they’ve ever had on the show, Jimmy Pardo, to quiz him on both of his areas of expertise that they didn’t talk about in his first episode. Listen here.
Reading Glasses is starting a new book for Isolation Book Club. If you missed out on their first read, you can jump in on the new club where they will be reading Charlie Jane Ander’s Six Months, Three Days. Mallory and Brea will discuss it live on April 20

For MaxFun monthly members

If you’re not yet a member but were thinking of becoming one when we eventually have the MaxFunDrive, please feel free to join now at if you’d like to partake in this fun stuff now. We’ll be sure to count you towards the drive!

Jordan, Jesse, Go‘s long-awaited drinking game bonus episode is up now on the bonus feed for members! Please listen responsibly. If you’re a $5+ monthly member and you need access to the bonus feed, you can find the info by following the directions at
The Jackie and Laurie Show’s Laurie and Jackie (and a couple of special guests) are doing a standup show for MaxFun members on Wednesday! It won’t be recorded, so if you’d like to watch it, be sure to sign up for a spot here as soon as you can. We can only accommodate 300 folks, but we’ll add folks to a waitlist if it fills up quick.

Livestreams and more!


Every weekday so farJohn Hodgman’s Get Your Pets – Hodgman talks to folks and their pets on Instagram live. New times are announced each day, so keep an eye on our calendar! If you miss it, you can usually view it for the rest of the day on his stories
Basically every day so farClint McElroy’s Stories from Your Gaffer – Clint’s been reading from a story every day around 2:30, and there are over a dozen of these up so far!
A couple times a weekRemote Bartending With Stuart and Sharlene Wellington

This past week:

Alonso Duralde playing Cinephile: A Card Game
Virtual Cincinnati Underground Secret Society Show
We Got This Live Clean Slate Ep
Janet Varney Reading and Q&A
The McElroys Live Tweeting the Trolls 2 Premiere

Coming up next:

Mission to Zyxx Live Listens

Thrilling Adventure Hour Live ft. hosts Mark Gagliardi, Hal Lublin, Janet Varney and Ben Blacker
Flop House guys playing Cinephile A Card Game

We’d like to hear from you!

Email with your photos and stories about what you’re up to when listening to MaxFun or just in general. We’d like to create a space to share with each other what all our community members are doing during this time!

Here’s what MaxFun staff members are up to!

Cassie Josephs, Transcription Coordinator (They/Them)
Cassie has been getting back into knitting, and they’ve just finished this pair of arm warmers!

“I’ve tried picking up knitting many times in the past few years, but I never managed to complete a project. I always tried to make scarves and I always got bored and gave up before I had a good length. When I tried knitting this time, I went for a simpler project: a pair of arm warmers that are just rectangles with the ends sewn together. And, for the first time, I completed a knitting project! If you’re struggling with reaching the goal of a project, try re-considering what your goal should be. Make it something attainable and I bet you’ll get it in no time!”

That’s it for this week! Next week we are going to have some pretty BIG announcements so get excited!