My Brother, My Brother and Me 47: Sleeve It


Hey! You're back! We're back too, though some of us are still weary with the rigors of travel. That won't keep us from wisdoming you, though. We are going to wisdom you like you've never been wisdomed before.

Suggested talking points: Moon Almighty, Gravbongin', Blades of Grass, Ponybond, Blessing Power,, Stinkhands, ID4play



Thank the Lord for your podcasts. They are of few that are consistently funny. Thanks.

Mcelroy brothers

These are totally random. I think you guys will become famous soon. Keep on rocking!

Fatherhood Coach

Great show, one thing

This show is awesome. I have two brothers as well and we would always comment on talk radio psychologist shows when we worked together painting houses with my dad.

Let me preface this with a quick "Griffin, I think you are the most rational and relatable brother." But when Justin asks for a Yahoo, maybe let him do his bit? I love hearing what new things he says when he asks for a Yahoo, but you sometimes cut him off. :( Anyway, love the show guys. Thanks for making a great podcast.