My Brother, My Brother and Me 46: Todd N' Tony Stew


On this week's episode, we take a short victory lap for the successes and triumphs of the Maximum Fun Drive. Actually, we don't take an actual lap, as we're all pretty out of shape, and that would make for some pretty bad radio. Just know that when we talk about Tyra Banks as a Street Fighter, we're doing so with victorious vim.

Suggested talking points: Squatters' rights, Love me like Jerry, George Lopez: The Chair, Eeney-Meeney, Veggiefriends,, Eyebraushes, The Power of Love, Bathtub Broth


Really liked the Kingdom of

Really liked the Kingdom of Loathing ad, because I use to play it everyday couple years ago.

Whats that game?

Whats that game your guys were plugging?

the game they were plugging...

I listen to their podcast and they were all like "hey, we bought an ad from these guys, you should go listen" so I did.