My Brother, My Brother and Me 45: The Loom


It's part two of our two-part, extra-super-long, unreasonably-and-needlessly-hyphenated MaxFunDrive special. Come, join us as we share all the wisdom we have left in our bodies. Just kidding! Our advice glands are as productive as ever. These bad boys are just ripe for the draining.

Suggested talking points: Ol' Bub, Slaughterhouse Saturdays,, The Crimson Tide, Pizzacrime, A Broken Hat, G'Day, Bus-Guy, A Goofus, The Permanent Wink, Sexy Proposal Time


More pledge bullshit?


Love the show but...

Love the show but breaking the flow mid conversation to beg for money has to stop.

Do a pre-recoded ad asking for donations because if i have to listen to that shit again, i'm out!

And lo, G-d created the Loom,

And lo, G-d created the Loom, and bequeathed it unto Adam. And as he did so he spake, saying "Adam, take this Loom, and with it, make funny pictures of cats saying cheeky things". And it was good.

More of this?

Would love to hear some normal episodes again. The whole "c'mon man! Donate! Building this from the ground up!" act is getting old. You all already have jobs, two of you on a certain video game website that lots of people read. Where's that money going? Why are you so desperate for more income? I love the show, and pimp it out as much as possible, but I feel embarrassed doing so now.

hey babe, im sorry

i was just so confused last week, i really lashed out and i shouldn't have. i just didn't understand the dealio but now its sweet just wanted to let you know brothers 3 i didn't mean the cheap comments.

lots of love from Australia

Way to Go, Jive Turkeys

Let's spend two weeks asking for money, only to go offline the next week. I'm glad I didn't waste any bread on you jive turkeys.