My Brother, My Brother and Me 44: Chunk Pump


We hope you love unprecedentedly long episodes of podcasts, dearest friends, because that's exactly what you're getting -- this here episode contains a plump 81 minutes of wisdom and joy. We also hope you love supporting extra-long advice podcasts, because it's pledge week! We could really use a hand -- after all, we ain't heavy. We're your brothers.

Suggested talking points: Sexypants, Dragon Puberty, The Laws of Love, Ezekiel's Next Top Sister Wife, B'Doodleykitten, Paul Reubens' Dark Secret, The Thrill of the Chase, New Englandish



1:54 - I live with my boyfriend; when I get home from work I like to pretty quickly change into comfy, at home clothing (pajamas, underpants, and a T-shirt of some sort). Usually this is comfy clothing is baggier and less flattering than what I wear from being out in public. Am I slowly but surely ruining my relationship and killing my boyfriend's attraction to me by spending so much time (probably the majority of our time together) in slouchy clothing?

5:57 - I have this friend who's been dating this guy on and off (4 different times now). Every time by the end, they seem to hate each other, but then two months or so and they're dating again. How can I tell my friend to just give up on him? PS, my friend is a girl.

9:35 -Y- I'm a dragon, but I don't know how to summon my special skills. I can do some things unordinary, anyone have ideas? This is kinda new and all so confusing... For my age that is. I can tell you right now im under 21. Anyone have ideas? On what I could do because I'm a dragon? PLZ!

23:16 - I met this girl at a party on Saturday and she asked me for my number. I requested hers in return. What is the correct number of days I should wait to call and ask for a date? As to not seem too eager or dismissive. She's really pretty.

27:12 - Lately I've noticed something; my girlfriend is unable to keep quiet when we when we're trying to indulge in any recorded media. Even when it's something we're both interested in (movies, podcasts, tv shows, etc), I can count on it being interupted by a story that lasts forever. I'm the kind of guy that likes to catch every second of what I'm watching or listening to. I've given up listening to your show when we're together because I'll hear an explosion of laughter from Travis and have no idea what I just missed. What's the most polite way to say "shut up"?30:53 -Y- What should I call my boyfriend? My boyfriend and I always joke around and call each other by fun pet names like chump and punk. What are some names I could call him or what have you called boyfriends or girlfriends?

44:55 - I have trouble waking up in the morning, but especially on weekends. Recently I woke up at 9 (which was when my alarm was set) and went back to sleep. I woke up later at 3 in the afternoon, meaning a good portion of my day was already gone. I don't really have this problem on weekdays, when I have school, but it happens nearly every Saturday and Sunday. What can I do to help myself wake up earlier?

49:09 -(E-How article)- How To Talk To Dead People In Dreams

56:31 - I have a problem when it comes to girls; it seems I lose interest after I get a girl to like me. It's almost as if I'm addicted to the thrill of the chase. This really sucks because I've missed out on being with some really nice girls. Any advice?

1:11:07 - I live in New England with my super hot wife; I was just offered a great job in southern California, but my wife needs to stay here in New England to finish two more years of law school. We think we're going to do the long distance thing until she can join me out west. We'll have the means to fly back and forth for school between breaks and vacations, so it doesn't seem like it'll be that bad. Even so, most people tell us we're making a mistake. We're in our late 20's, we've been married for 8 months, is this a very terrible idea?

1:21:05 -F- How can I walk up a wall? I want to walk up a wall.

What a bunch of whiners!

1) The stuff behind the 'pay gates' is a negligible fraction of the content, and if you don't believe that maybe check out the literally hundred of hours of free content maxfun has for you. A lot of podcasts don't keep everything available on iTunes, so it's laughable to be pissed off about missing one episode of the show unless you donate.

2) The pledge drive is is two weeks a year - of you don't wanna donate, don't, but aren't you willing to hold down your fast-forward button for a couple of minutes on two episodes a year so that the people who make the thing you love can get paid?

3) If Maxfun is 'selling out', than you had better be living in a cave, recycling your own urine - this is some DIY right here (and you'll note plenty of punk legends interviewed on Jesse's show, perhaps because they also appreciate that).

I agree with the commenter above that these lame-ass trolls are louder than the vast majority of us who love the show but think it redundant to write "great show!" after every episode, but we are out here.

Efforts Should Be Rewarded

Keep up the good work Brothers. I don't know how much time you spend each week putting out this amazing gem-nugget of comedy, but you should get paid for every second of it. Were I an affluent man, I would graciously give you piles of money (with money signs on them for ease of identification) so that you can continue to spill your hot wisdom into my ear holes like steaming water over the loose tea that is my mind.

That kind of drink is worth cold hard cash.

Yeah, about this new relationship...

All this pledge drive business really puts a taint-like smell on the show. I was afraid of this as soon as you guys announced you'd be moving to Maximum Fun. First you kill off the great ( much better suited )website you had, now this. This is the first time in the history of the show that I've actually stopped listening to an episode. Thats really sad, you had a good thing going.

Look guys, I know you gotta make that chedda, but I don't care for the other shows on Maximum Fun. I gave them a shot because of your recommendation, but they're not in the same league and are mostly boring. I'm not going to donate a dollar to Maximum Fun if I don't know every single cent is going right to MBMBAM. Sorry.

I know you guys are only doing what appears to be the best, but if this donation thing doesn't pan out for you I hope you consider returning to the old formula of selling merch and look for more listeners in other ways. I hadn't even heard of this stupid website before you guys moved here, its not that big. Really seems like you've gone from big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a pond filled with other, less pretty, small fish.

Give them all a good listen

If you love MBMBaM, you are bound to fall for Stop Podcasting Yourself and JJGo. Like any relationship you have to give it time and a few listens to hit the same stride and get into each one of those podcasts. After you do, you will see that Graham and Dave, Jordan and Jesse, John hodgman, and all the others are enormously funny and great podcasters in their own right. Give it a damn chance.


Hey, you know how everyone who posts comments on the internet are a bunch of negative grumpy grumps? People are way more motivated to post when they have negative things to say, which obscures how many people are supportive of you joining up with MaxFun and not minding the pledge drive. Positive comments are like cockroaches - for each one there are something like 12 billion people who think the same but don't comment. Looks like you guys have something like 24 billion fans! :D


What in the FUCK you guys. I don't listen to a free podcast to hear about how I could 'donate' to get some shitty shit like a fucking tote bag. Like what? Get your shit together clowns. Why would anyone pay money for this? Are you guys like so fucking poor that you need to report to this garbage? Damn guys, way to bring me down.

Yao :(

I was totally drunk when I posted this. Sorry. It was a funny episode!

Not a bother...but kind of a bother.

I don't mind the asking for donations thing. You gotta do what you gotta do. But the amount of time devoted to asking for donations did bother me. I don't wanna keep you from taking care of business. I'm not in your shoes. It's your podcast. I just want more of the advice and less of the donations thing going on. It was the first episode where that had to be done so I'm gonna expect that the ratio gets better with experience. I love you guys! I want you to continue to succeed! :)

What the FUCK?

Seriously guys, I'm sending out an SOS of sadness in response to your latest episode. The warm fuzzy feeling I normally get from listening to your podcast has been replaced with confusion - what the FUCK? For me, the only talking point from episode 44 was the constant pandering to the Maximum Fun Network. I love your podcast and really want to believe that you guys haven't sold out.

Keep doing it for the lulz.



This ep really was a kick in the taint i freakin love this podcast and i know you want that sweet cheddar i dig that. but this is one mabimbambino who's going to pack his bags and move away.

Shockingly unimpressed.

At first I was overjoyed to see a longer then usual episode of mbmbam... imagine my disappointment when it turned out that about half the episode consisted of begging for handouts on behalf of maximum fun. I can't imagine keeping a straight face while suggesting people seriously consider throwing large sums of money away like that. 200 dollars a month? Locking episodes behind donation gates? You want me to suggest this beg-cast to others? Really? I think...I THINK it might make a bad first impression.

I thought it was scumbag when some of the ex-1up people wanted handouts to buy new video game gear...this comes dangerously close to that level.

It pains me to write nasty words about mbmbam. I have been listened to every episode, signed up on the forums and suggested the podcast to MANY people. Why did you guys get involved with maximum fun?

I want advice for the modern era! I want the old MBMBAM BACK!

Maximum Fun Ruined Everything

It's not "donating" if you have to do it to get the content. Podcasts are only fun if they're free. This really lame and I feel like the show will only lose listeners. This is the only podcast I listen to, but I didn't even consider paying for it for even a second.

If y'all want teh monies

You should take a leaf out of the webcomics book and start making merch.


Hiding content behind pay gates? Not cool, brothers. Not cool.

amazing show

Guys I love the show like nothing else and I have been promoting it with all my might for the past 2 months (this is however my first comment). I have noticed that a disproportionate part of the 5/6 of an hour show is dedicated to telling people how to reach them and most recently how to donate. Both are noted but there is probably nothing more annoying in podcasts that hearing the people talk about that week after week for 3/11th of the show. Please don't succumb to this and keep the show high Q so I can keep doin my thang and promotin'!