My Brother, My Brother and Me 43: A Horse Called Robbie


In this monster of an episode, we discuss important topics that affect the lives of everyday Joes and Janes like yourself. Heck, it might also affect ordinary Toms, Dicks, Harrys, Lucys, Moniques and Reginalds, too. We don't know. They haven't heard it yet.

Suggested talking points: Juju Magic, Elizabeth Shue's Shoes, Occupied, Annual Compliments, Ladycats, Cheek Moustaches, Mini Marshmallow Justice, Justin Timberhorse



Holy shit, I wonder if this is where the idea for strung out potion-slinging roommate Robbie came from for Adventure zone?

Late to the party

Just heard about this podcast. I'm slowly going through the archives at work and trying not to lose my shit while listening. The starting bit about olfactory sensing RE:dicks killed me. I had to get up and go for a walk for a moment to avoid scaring my coworkers.

So, good job guys, love the show.


Where did the archives go? My friend just turned me onto this podcast and I want to listen to Bramblepelt?

I heart MBMBaM

Best podcast ever!

He's a dog.

Hey Justin, we're throwing a really weird sex orgy.