My Brother, My Brother and Me 39: Peepum's Nastygum


If the focal points of this episode were represented in stock market terms, then you might want to sell your shares in "providing any legitimate wisdom or advice," and buy up all the "taking cheap shots at Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2" that you can get your hands on.

Suggested talking points: Scoop up the Bute, A Little Bit of Zatarain's, Three Snorks, A Musical Mystery, Together/Alone, Grandpa Names, Through the Yarn, That Hudson Heat


Your welcome -- Fart Touch by BIG STOOPID

mark magrath is a jerk

Here's the video Griffin mentions at 13:35 of the sugar ray singer threating a teenager outside a bar and putting his hands on him.

TRIGGER WARNING: insensitive references to sexual assault. Pejoratives against the LGBTQ community. other offensive immature macho BS. -- Mark McGrath FLIPS OUT on teenager who calls him SUGAR GAY

I was literally in tears.

Good, sweet, Lord. I was actually afraid, at one point, that I might laugh so hard that I would crap in my pants. I was seriously "this" close. Best Ep. since "Coach."