Judge John Hodgman Episode 80: The Obligatory Name Drop

Elizabeth Gilbert

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Evelyn brings this case against her sister Fran. Since childhood, Evelyn has been known by the moniker "Evie" -- a nickname she doesn't care for. Evelyn believes she's outgrown the name and wants her family to stop referring to her as "Evie," whether she's present or not. Fran, on the other hand, believes one cannot mandate one's own nickname and claims she and the rest of Evelyn's family are entitled to call her whatever they like. What's in a name? Judge John Hodgman will decide.

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, joins Judge Hodgman this week as guest bailiff. Elizabeth released her great-grandmother's cookbook earlier this year under the title At Home on the Range, and her latest novel, The Signature of All Things will be published next fall. You can find Elizabeth online at www.elizabethgilbert.com.



You called her Frannie!

Evelyn, you just said in the podcast that you always call people what their name is, but several times throughout the podcast, you called your sister "Frannie" which, it's been established, is not her actual name.



Saluka's "Ray/Jay" spiel, famous from TV ads, really did start as a comedy routine -- he was in a comedy group (possibly The Committee) and played J.J. Johnson Jr., a small town mayor. You, Judge Hodgman, are just a little too young to remember the TRUE FACTS.

That is all.

TV before bed

The Judge is wrong, wrong, wrong concerning tv in the bed. My wife and I watch it, it does relax us and it does put us to sleep. There is a trick however, you must find a show that you like, but either do not love, or have seen many times. It cannot be an exciting show OR a boring show. It must entertain the brain just enough so that it becomes just like white noise. Shows we have had success with are Friends, 30 Rock (love it, but seen it many times), Big Bang Theory and others.

Also if you can use a computer, iPad or TV that will shut off with a timer that is best. Keep the screen big enough to not strain your eyes, but not so big that you feel out in the sun.

MOAR Bailiff Liz!

LOVED guest bailiff Liz! Next time though, she needs a better Skype connection. It was awkward hearing her sometimes talk over other people because she couldn't hear them due to a bad / delayed connection.


Elizabeth Gilbert did an extraordinary job in the court room. Very funny indeed! Watch your back, jesse!

I concur

Elizabeth Gilbert is always amusing and engaging when I can hear her voice. She was quite funny on the fly without taking over the show. Nice work. It sounds like Hodman and she go way back.

I also really enjoyed this ep overall, even if I thought Ev a bit whiny. My girlfriend comes from a big family, so I asked her which of the siblings had the most nicknames (re: Gilbert's comment during deliberations)


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Eat Pray Judge

I was astonished at her ability to capture the spirit of Bailiff Jesse. Clearly she is a devoted courtroom spectator.

Great show! One of my

Great show! One of my favorites now. :)


Elizabeth Gilbert gave a great TED talk.