Judge John Hodgman Episode 58: Rashomom


Rebekah, her mother Denise and grandmother Gloria bring to the court a generational clash of memory -- specifically, whose memory is more reliable, an adult's or a child's? Denise is positive she lived next door to a grey house as a child, while Gloria insists the house exists only as a figment of her daughter's imagination. Rebekah has played referee many times in the dispute of the Grey House Universe, but she has several issues of her own with her mother's allegedly faulty memory. Each testimony accepted, each dispute resigned; it's maternal sunshine of the spotless mind. In this match of memories, we turn to the man who never forgets: Judge John Hodgman!


Will there be no closure for the curious among us?!?

I'm catching up on my backlog of JJHo episodes too, and I'd also like to know whether the gray house existed. I live in and work for a Portland-adjacent county, so I might be able to provide some assistance, if needed.

Either way, I'm sure we'd all like to know the results of Rebekah's investigation.

I'm catching up on backlogged

I'm catching up on backlogged podcasts, I just listened to this episode, and I have to say to the Judge, Jesse, and all you lovely ladies, "Bravo!" I haven't laughed that much or that hard in a while :)

I love this judgment

I love this judgment, but *I* want to know whether or not the gray house ever existed. It must be posted on MaximumFun or I will not be having the maximum amount of fun allowed by law!

I laughed until I stopped.

Now that I have stumbled upon your podcast I'm hooked and live in fear that you'll stop doing them. I would love to support your show but at the moment (actually 3 years) my income is at zero. I will spread the word of the judge to my employed friends and you will soon own that giant courthouse that you now rent. My life is richer even though my pocketbook is not.
Your friend and mine,

I feel that I am required to

I feel that I am required to point out how lovely I think Rebekah's voice is.
Great show, excellent judgement, yadayadayada, seriously though, get her a podcast or syndicated radio program.

love it

further proof that anything John touches turns into comic gold!

I Make My Wife Watch Important Movies

As someone who regularly forces his Spousal Unit to sit through cultural artifacts, such as THE THIRD MAN, with few negative comments or accusations of cruelty, I am wondering if perhaps, I am living in the Gray House Universe. If so, you should drop by sometime.


Thomas Burchfield