Judge John Hodgman Episode 37: Panta-lunacy


Judge John Hodgman Episode 37: Panta-lunacy

In today’s case, the court will decide the statute of limitations and proper etiquette of the lost-and-found box. Seth and Stephen are both friends and colleagues currently performing together in a play on Broadway. During their rehearsal time, Seth noticed a pair of linen trousers retired to the lost-and-found box for four months. When he finally decides the fate of the pants should be covering Seth’s legs and not the wasting away in the lost-and-found, Stephen raised a claim the pants were in fact his and should be returned to the rightful owner.
Is there a set precedence for the lost-and-found box? Finders Keepers? Losers Weepers? We’ll find out!


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Submitted by Seth
"A photo of myself. As you can see I am wearing the pants, and at the time of the photo I happened to be in the middle of pondering a profound passage from one of my favorite books."

"A video of the our stage manager making a statement about how many times he reminded the cast to go to the rehearsal room to retrieve their personal belongings."

Evidence for Judge John Hodgman - Part A from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

"A video of the lost and found area in our green room, and proof of how close it is to Stephen's dressing room."

Judge John Hodgman Evidence - Part B from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Submitted by Stephen
"A picture of me wearing the pants (far left) they are rolled up as shorts."

"A picture of Seth flaunting the stolen pants."


I just met the famous Seth of the Famous Pants ep!

He's in a Broadway show (starring in
it, but I won't buzz-market) - and I was waiting around to get his co-star's autograph (Tony Shaloub!!) and met Seth at the stage door too!!!! Talented, handsome, and RIPPED as you young folks say! WHAT A THRILL!!!!!

Rough justice

I for one lament the state of American justice when pants abandoned for months by a clearly irresponsible acting type can be forcibly returned to him from their true rightful owner: Seth. Stephen had ample opportunity and reminders to retrieve them in a dignified manner. This is a miscarriage of justice the likes of which we have rarely seen on Judge John Hodgman.

I for one blame His Honor's preposterous new mustache.


Based on that photo of their apartment, I'm guessing neither of them are gay. *SIGH*

Class Warfare!



I was elated to hear that my very own letter made it to the 'docket clearing' portion of the podcast to be ruled upon by The Judge. When I played it for my husband with equal amounts of smug satisfaction and joy, let's not forget about the joy, can you believe that he said that he does not recognize the authority of celebrated author, television personality and comedian John Hodgman to settle our marital disputes!?!

Will my candy and ice cream never be safe?

Sara 'Has a Gluttonous Husband' From the Midwest


Who would steal pants (garbage) from the lost and found? Right On, Judge H, Right On!

Seth should have used his own evidence more

I beleieve Seth send enough evidence to consider him in a better position in this case, sadly he failed to adress the videos and specially the fact that his friend was reminded to pick his stuff 10 times hehe.