Judge John Hodgman Episode 206: Moon and Stars


Judge Hodgman rules on busted doors, schoolbus naming, and whether or not cereal is a soup. Plus a Hodgman Dubbel update!

Check out the prototype made real by Paul Bruneau here!



This is what I get for not

This is what I get for not listening to the podcast for a few months. I get a ruling, but by now Jules has moved out, and I'm off to Ireland in a few weeks. Regardless, thank you for your ruling! I'll share this with Jules and hope he gets a laugh out of it.


Didn't the judge already rule on cereal?

Call me crazy, but didn't the judge already rule in a previous docket clearing, in which a lady and her friend asked if cereal was a soup or if the milk constituted a sauce, that the milk was a sauce and that it was by no means a soup? I know that this means he came to the same judgement, but I'm surprised that they ruled on it twice if I did not hallucinate that particular ruling.


On the subject of the definition of soup, fish soup often has milk in it. I submit to you that a stock base, a relatively short period of boiling (as opposed to a stew) and the relatively large amount of liquid in ratio to any lumps or bits (as opposed to freaking cereal) are a more reliable way to distinguish a soup from other liquid dishes. Of course you have pureed soups which present a problem, but an exception can probably be made to include these because before the soup is pureed, it does have the requisite lumps.

Or in addition, the mere addition of liquid to any dry ingredient does not a soup make.


On gazpacho -- I have never seen a gazpacho that has broth in it. It has tomatoes, cucumbers and onion - providing more than enough liquid. Now that I'm thinking about it -- one could actually classify gazpacho as a smoothie or veggie juice! Why do we even eat it with a spoon?