Judge John Hodgman Episode 165: Wake Me Up Before You Go, Bro


Declan brings the case against his older brother Taran. Taran is a heavy sleeper and often relies on Declan to wake him up in the mornings. Declan thinks he should get used to a real alarm clock, since they won't be living together forever. Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

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You can see and hear the alarm clock in question HERE. Please be sure to lower your computer volume or wear headphones before watching.

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These guys are great!

I just wish I could have been more like Declan when I was 14. I did watch the 60's television but I didn't have the literary prowess or the vast cultural knowledge.

These guys are so bright and

These guys are so bright and lovable! The parents must be awesome. Love this episode.

Jacobean Law

I watched all of "I, Claudius" in my NH public school Latin class. It was disturbing and hilarious at the same time.


I love those kids. This was a fantastic episode!


This is one of my favorite episodes now.

Also my family has an I, Cladius joke, but it's just us going "C,c,c,Cladius!" and stuttering at each other. Our very Christian parents surprisingly let us watch it when we were small children.

Jesse was Right

Jesse was correct about the reason for the Star Trek lyrics. I recently read an interview where Gene Roddenberry talked about it. This isn't that article, but it does contain the same information:


I absolutely enjoyed this

I absolutely enjoyed this episode! The guests were so delightful and since my oldest is headed off to college in the fall, it struck a note with me.

I was hoping to see the evidence discussed, particularly the nose bleed picture.

This episode was an adorable

This episode was an adorable example of brotherly love, and made me wish I was more close to my own brothers.

Named for Taran from the

Named for Taran from the Lloyd Alexander books and Declan McManus? These guys sound like they have the best parents ever.

Best episode EVER

My new favorite episode! I laughed all the way to work at 6 am. You need to bring us updates from this odd couple. Thanks for all you do.

Tiana from Boston MA.

ps. Emerson is just the place for Taran.

Good god

These kids are hilarious and sweet. One of the most heartwarming and hilarious episodes I've heard!! Love the show!!!