Judge John Hodgman Episode 162: Laissez Hair


Leala's husband Beau acts as her in-house hairdresser and helps her dye her hair each month. Now he wants to retire the gloves, and send her to the salon.

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Submitted by Leala

Exhibit A - "Before" photo

Exhibit B - "After" photo

Exhibit C - Leala with Jem


Bravestarr lunchbox

I felt for young Jesse and his lunchbox yearnings. I was fortunate enough to have a Bozo lunchbox, followed by a Gomer Pyle (both metal).

DFW hair and Jem

I organized the Samantha Newark / Jem screening here in Dallas and totally remember seeing Leala. Small world. Not sure if she'd remember but I have light purple hair and yes.... SALON! Best thing ever. Long story short, if Leala needs someone to do her hair who will understand the small talk fear, I know someone perfect. Blue.val at gmail

Small world indeed. Thanks

Small world indeed. Thanks for the tip. :D


New irrational fear

Thank you for the new lovely irrational fear of being trapped on a beautiful tropical island removed from civilization and STUCK UNDER THE WORLDS LARGEST DOME built by the Nazi army! The cloud mural creeps me out the most (just look at the wall, don't look up—AT THE GIANT DOME engulfing the fake city).

Really though, lovely episode. Justice was served. Love the pink hair!

Blast from the past

My wife just came home and said, "You need to listen to Judge John Hodgman now!" Love Billy Joe Winghead and remember when Beau was part of the band and very active in a forum I used to frequent. I'm listening right now, and I'm loving this crossover of some of my favourite things. It's like when Magnum PI crossed over with Simon and Simon. Except you both get to be Magnum.

Pssst...The Husband Won

Pssst...The Husband Won ;-)

Leala, it's cool to just say to the stylist, "I'm not very chatty, it's not my thing." Most will be cool with that. Good luck finding the right stylist!

A Video on Bravestarr

For those interested in learning more about this piece of 80s miscellanea, here is an interesting and amusing internet video with further details on Bravestarr.



It's weird to see Bravestarr come up in the docket-clearing. I had never heard of it before last week. A friend of mine just recommended the episode "Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century" (not to be confused with the more successful series "Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century" from the late 90s), which was a failed pilot for a proposed spinoff series in which Holmes solved crimes in a London that was a combination of steampunk and futuristic space opera. As someone who enjoys Sherlock Holmes, steampunk, and over-the-top depictions of the future, I found it delightfully cheesy, and I sort of wish it had become a series purely for the weirdness factor.