Judge John Hodgman Episode 145: Moped Operandi


Amanda brings the case against her husband Pat. They recently moved to a new neighborhood, and Amanda wants to buy a motor scooter to commute to work and get about town. Pat says it's a dangerous idea, especially for his accident-prone wife.

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BELOW, please find the evidence for this case.
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Every Precaution Doesn't Really Matter

While listening to this I felt compelled to comment. I have ridden motorcycles for a number of years and only had one accident. I was going speed limit (35mph), wearing a helmet and leathers, obeying all traffic laws, and still got hit when another driver blew through an intersection. It was around 10am on a Tuesday, no alcohol was involved, just carelessness. I was very lucky that all I had was a dislocated shoulder and a broken wrist as a result. Two days later a friend's dad was in an accident with almost the same circumstances, but he got clipped from the side, severed his femoral artery and bled out at the scene.

I still ride after my accident, and enjoy it to no end. However, I know that every time I get on, no matter how careful I am, I am completely vulnerable to what the day has in store for me. I love riding and encourage others to try it, but it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Also, two adults on a 50cc scooter is going to struggle.

Pure Joy...

I haven't finished this particular episode yet, but this topic is close to my heart. I think very highly of the scootering life and would strongly encourage just about anyone to try it. I have had a scooter (in fact, I had a Genuine Buddy International 150), I currently have a motorcycle, but not a day goes by that I don't miss that scooter. For me, riding a scooter around town brought me immense joy. It was not always easy or the most convenient mode of transport but I always looked forward to riding because it always put a smile on my face. During a tough time in my life, a ride on my scooter was therapy. It was also, as a matter of fact, how I got to therapy during that time.

Yes, it is also dangerous. I did have a small crash on my scooter which left me with some scrapes and a bruise, and a few years later had a much larger crash on my motorcycle which required surgery and a metal plate to be implanted in my shoulder, despite the danger I would still choose to ride. I was glad to hear that a motorcycle safety class was in this woman's future and I hope she decides to become fully licensed though it isn't required for a 50cc engine.

It is a truly joyful experience. It is economical, it is simple, it is easy, it is joy.

Quadrophenia song

Wasn't it "I've had enough" not "Love, Reign O'er me"

Walk or roll?

I wonder how this case's decision jibes with that of 2013's "Taxi Evasion," as it relates to personal decisions about safety and what one owes to one's partner in terms of peace of mind. Is there a pro-vehicle, anti-pedestrian bias on display here?

Another win for the wives

I enjoy the show, but feel there's too many cases involving marital disputes, which ultimately seem to go to the "level headed" wives after 30 minutes or so of mockery of the "dopey husband". My wish is the show can get back to more esoteric disputes such as "Is a Machine Gun a Robot". That is all

Another win for the wives [2]

Completely agree all around. I also miss the 30 to 40 minute episodes!