Judge John Hodgman Episode 138: Badgering the Waitress


Max says if he needs something at a bar or restaurant, he's within his rights to flag someone down or call out to get their attention - but his friend Andy says he's going about it all wrong.

Stay tuned for next week's episode - we'll be revisiting some of the litigants from our all-time favorite episodes!

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That "accent"....

I think JJH was just being nice about it. But they seem like nice enough kids...once they both grow up a bit.

was this a prank?

The two litigants in this case - I think their names were Andy and Max - seemed to have been voiced by the same person. Was this a case of someone pulling a prank on JJH?

One guy pulling a prank?

All through this show I couldn't shake the feeling that Andy and Max were the same person putting on different accents. Possibly one guy pulling a prank?

Andy Needs To Go Back To College

Andy needs to go back to school. I suggest a university with faculty capable of teaching him what the word "euphemism" means. Perhaps nearby Northwestern or Minnesota University?

Maybe it is a Milwaukee, or

Maybe it is a Milwaukee, or Southern Wisconsin/Northern Illinois accent, because I have a friend from Gurnee, Illinois that speaks the same way as Andy.

"The chicken gives an egg,

"The chicken gives an egg, the pig gives a leg" is not a neologism; it's a hoary old chestnut that comes up in business management technique books, among other places.

Also: how was that girlfriend's name spelled? Misledyou?

Wisconsin - manners are held higher than wages you earn

I love these two guys. The other person that wrote a comment is typical Madison has to turn it into focusing on the debate other than what the court was there to decide. It was not about whitewater vs Madison. It was about a person that was born into a culture where his ancestors had people serve them. Andy seems to come from you typical Wisconsin home where we here in Wisconsin are not about putting ourselves above others like you find in the more congested parts of this country especially along the coasts. We here rather have high honor about the proper way you are raised and that we are all equal. We love the concept that we are lucky to be born in this country and we are proud of our fellow man. We serve this nation with pride and provide some of the best cheese, beer and liberals!
Respect others like you would like to be treated. These two great Midwest guys working hard at their jobs , enjoying life after work over a beer like our grandparents did. We should all learn from these two and the judge’s ruling, make others day a better place and remember to tip the wait staff when you leave!


JJH's takedown in the third act was a thing of beauty! As a service industry person, I know the type of person these two young men represent and I am loathe to serve them. Three cheers for the Honorable Judge John Hodgman! However even his cutting insight was not enough to shake them, as they made plainly obvious in their smug responses to his decision.


Regarding Andy's "accent", it's simple. The affected nonsense learned speech of someone who regards themselves above others, and wishes to showcase their vast intellect with it. In other words, a pompous ass.

Please, get over yourself.

Some annoying quotes:

I cringe, judge. (I cringe too, at hearing your voice.)

My graandfather went to Tufts. (Sure... Is that your pickup line?)

A division _three_ team (referring to his friend's implied inferior school). (Really? Your school's sports program makes you better than someone else???)

Patty Donahue ruled

First time that I got the culture reference. "Christmas Wrapping" is an underrated holiday staple.

Whitewater vs. Madison

As an alumna of both UW-Whitewater and UW-Madison, I'm a bit annoyed at the judge's painting of the tensions between UW-Madison and the rest of the UW system as "what happens when white people are isolated." Yes, it's a dispute that means nothing to people outside of Wisconsin, but it isn't something that's limited to sheltered white Wisconsinites with no knowledge of the real world. If anything, I would say that it's more an issue of regional tensions within the state, which include (but are not limited to) race and class demographics. It is ridiculous if Max and Randy are bringing their collegiate rivalry into their relationship in total seriousness on a regular basis; however, this is an internet court devoted to minor, often meaningless personal disputes.

Also, regardless of Andy's attitude towards Whitewater, the fact that UWW has the top wheelchair basketball team in the country actually is a great source of pride for the school, as it makes a statement about the commitment a small, rural state school has to the importance of accessibility in higher education.

Other than that, I 100% support the judge's decision that politeness and respect (in both personal interactions and through tipping) are ultimately the most important factor in interacting with waitrons/waitresses/waiters/waitstaff of any gender.

Simply stunning.

Simply stunning.

Just lost it at Jessie saying

Just lost it at Jessie saying "I have a question, sorry to interject here, but did the two of you guys have a discussion before you came on the show about wanting to seem like the worst people in the world? Or does that just come naturally to you?"

Exactly how I was feeling.