Judge John Hodgman Episode 136: Case Your State


Sam brings the case against his longtime friend John. They both hail from cities in Massachusetts, but John says that Sam isn't "really" from Massachusetts -- he doesn't have the attitude and spirit. Who's right? Who's wrong? Only one man can decide.

NOTE: Bad language and Massholism appear in this episode. You are warned.

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I love you, JJHo, but I'm not sure if you should have aired this episode. I'm a Bostonian with family in the Berkshires, so I do really love hearing Mass references on the podcast. That said, I thought this one was horrible. The "Eastern Massachusetts" guy is just another asshole in the world -- who cares. Boring. Everything he says is so obvious.


I just heard "gooms" in Chilton, WI over the Thanksgiving holiday!

...what's that town?

Children by the million sing for Wisconsin's Chilton.
I imagine any of the Beatles early on saying, "gooms" - could it be Liverpudlian(Scouse)/Welsh/Scottish?

GREAT Episode!!

John, You had me laughing MULTIPLE times in this episode. Enough to make me find your stuff and purchase some to keep you going. While my purchases alone won't actually make you much money, I'm sure, hopefully others will find you as I send you along to my friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving!

Massholes Indeed!

Not being from the New England area (Philadelphia, a much more brotherly place from which to hail), there was a time when I had a soft spot for Boston and the surrounding areas mostly because we had a common dislike - New York.

Then, I came to realize the area's true colors after the championships won by their sports teams and I have utter disgust!

Judge John Hodgman, you may be the only person who I will accept from that commonwealth as worth paying attention to...

Remember, "You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania!" (PA's state slogan)

Jack C.

Are you a true Pennsylvanian?

Your state motto, or "slogan," is "Value, Liberty and Independence" not what the tourism board puts on license plates to convince folks that Philadelphian isn't every bit as brash as the other hamlets you've disparaged. Perhaps you should worry less about others' shortcomings until you've addressed your own. Or, as O'Shea Jackson once said, "You better check yourself before you wreck yourself."

Episode was fantastic,

This was my first Judge John Hodgman podcast and it was great and now I'm busy listening to the previous episodes. Being from Andover MA I think you captured the Massachusetts condition pretty well, which weirdly enough I miss desperately. Haha oddly enough my Masshole aggro translates pretty well living abroad in China, but doesn't translate well with any former British commonwealths (minus the original 13 colonies haha). British properness is not that conducive apparently.

pot kettle black

The guy from Philly going on about Massholes. That's really rich. Everyone I've ever known from Philly has readily admitted their city is full of the aggro, irrationally arrogant, sometimes violent personality attributed to eastern Massachusetts in this podcast. Yeah eastern mass has it, but in my experience Philly has it at least as bad on its best day.