Judge John Hodgman Episode 130: Strictly Courtroom


Ricardo brings the case against his girlfriend Paola. They both love to salsa dance, but Ricardo needs some work on technique. He'd like to perfect his skills out at the salsa clubs, but Paola says she'd rather teach him at home, where they can take it at their own pace. Where should they make their moves? Only one man can decide.

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Please also note our thanks to Matt Reid and Stephan MacLeod, who created this amazing version of Podcast On, Judge Hodgman's version of the Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers "Roadrunner" from Episode 128, Horseless Miscarriage of Justice.

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Submitted by Ricardo
This is the least absurd video I found on the basic salsa steps. These are the steps that I do perfectly fine, according to anyone else I have danced with, including a long time friend who is a professional dancer.

These next two videos are different angles of The Nuyorican Cafe: The place we would go most often if we did actually go out to dance. Here is Angle One and Angle Two.


Books in Chronological Order

Hello. Is this where I go to comment on the Q's from the NYTimes Magazine? It's about organizing and shelving books in chronological narrative order or date of publishing. Mr. Hodgman said today the only series he was aware of that was written out of chronological order is C.S. Lewis's "Narnia" books. Come on, John! COME ON JOHN!!! Right off the top of my head, I think of William Buckley's Blackford Oakes books and Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels. They have books that bounce all over the place in the protagonist's history. Some of the Sherlock Holmes stories also shift about in time. I'm sure there are others!

My personal opinion is the books should be shelved in the order they were published. But, to throw an even bigger curveball, when I was in high school my job was shelving books at the library. We organized the books by the same author ALPHABETICALLY.


Why didn't you make Ricardo take actual lessons from a dance studio? This solution would have given Ricardo freedom from judgement from his possible future family and he could show his girlfriend his new moves or she could also go to the dance lessons and they could learn together from a neutral unbaised party.

Docket Car Keys

Why not just make a duplicate of the car key so they both have one?