Judge John Hodgman Episode 40: The Abuse of Flower Power


Julienne and Emily are neighbors, co-workers and romantically involved. They both have a live/work spaces set in urban surroundings that needed a little touch of flora.

Julienne wants to add the Mexican Daisy which she prefers because of its scent and simple beauty. Emily, not fond of the daisy or its odor at all, has refused to come over to Julienne's if the daisy is planted.

Will Julienne need to create a daisy-free habitat? Will Emily have to wake up and smell the flowers? It's the war of the roses that only one man can decide!


John Hodgman's new book of fake trivia and world knowledge, THAT IS ALL, is now available in bookstores (that are still around) and online retailers. To find out when he may be visiting a city near you, see Areas of My Expertise.


Submitted by Julienne and Emily

Photos of their gardens, neighborhood and possibly stolen or misplaced plants


I think I know what caused

I think I know what caused the problem for these Ladies Enhancing Storage By Inhabiting And Nesting.

Julienne mentioned that Emily dislikes cilantro. I suspect that, like me, Emily has a genetic quirk that makes cilantro taste very, very bad - sort of like dish detergent. Just the smell of fresh cilantro can instantly nauseate me.

My theory is that the Mexican daisy triggers the same response. Perhaps it is related to cilantro (which is often used in Mexican food). Perhaps it just produces a similar scent.

If this is the case, it would be cruel to expect Emily to be exposed to the scent whenever she visits Julienne!

This show is only as good as

This show is only as good as the case and/or those bringing it. Judge Hodgman is great but he needs something to work with.These ladies did not bring much to the table.

And all I could think was, why don't they get a real apartment or a house? Living in a garage is kinda sad. The video above further confirmed this to me.

Flower Power

You could have suggested the young garage dwelling lesbian with the slight accent plant lavender or rosemary or lemon scented geranium or mint (any of dozens of varieties) or any number of other plants besides one that is an invasive weed. The invasive weed part is enough reason to not plant that thing. It's an INVASIVE WEED. Nothing good can come of one of those.


I'm sad that Judge Hodgman actually seems to have gotten something completely wrong. I checked several dictionaries and an appliance is a device created for a specific household task. Generating light is assuredly a household task and lamps are created for that task.


If someone said to you, "Hey, hand me that appliance," i guarantee that you would not then hand them a lamp. If you were trying to find a friend in the store and they said, "I'm in the appliance section," you wouldn't go to where the lamps were. If you say otherwise, you are a liar.

Thank you

I haven't heard the last case yet, I'm just writting because I'm going to a conference in a few minutes and I was sure as hell the trip would be boring but just as I was syncing my (undisclosed phone)'s podcasts, I see there was something new from the judge and a smile came to my face. Thank you judge, for your time and dedication, for your humor and knowledge, and above all for justice.

Mario Duque

Your Succulence

Jeez. Another judgment in favor of the woman. *scoff*